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Page Title: Reporting of Errors
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The motor starting switch of the vacuum seam tester must be in OFF position before connecting the motor to an electric
power source outside the tank.
Do not use mechanical means for tank destruction if the tank is used for storage of flammable liquids.
All personnel should wear hard hats or steel helmets during erection or dismantling of tanks for protection against falling
nuts, bolts, or tools. When using the gin pole, always try to keep the pole in as near a vertical position as is possible in
order to minimize stress and avoid the possibility of bending.
Page 1-1.Paragraph 1-3 is superseded as follows:
Reporting of Errors
You can improve this manual be recommending improvements using DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to
Publications and Blank Forms) and/or DA Form 202S-2 (Recommended Changes to Equipment Technical Manuals)
located in the back of the manual. Mail the forms direct to Commander, US Army Troop Support Command, ATTN:
AMSTS-MPP, 4300) Goodfellow Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63120.A reply will be furnished direct to you.
Page 2-5, paragraph 2-9b.Note is superseded as follows:
Apply sealing compound and sealing putty to the sides and bottoms of only those tanks which are to be
used to store petroleum products.
Page 3-6, Paragraph 3-5g.Warning is superseded as follows:
If tank is to be used for water storage. Do not apply sealing compound or sealing putty to the tank bottom
or seams.
Paragraph 3-7b(3)(b) is superseded as follows:
(b) Install strip gasket (2) to cover all bolt holes. When starting a new roll of gasket material after one roll
has been used up, an overlap should be extended to cover two bolt holes. Apply sealing putty at each end of the overlap
(petroleum tanks only)
Page 3-16.Paragraph 3-9a is superseded as follows:
a. scaffold and install strip gasket (1.Fig.:3-18) to cover all bolt holes.  When one roll of gasket material is
expended and a new roll started, the overlap should extend over two bolt holes. Apply sealing putty at each end of the
overlap (petroleum tanks only).
Page 3-24.Paragraph 3-22b(2)(d) is superseded as follows.
(d) If a water seal blanket is required due to bottom leakage, omit the elbow (2, Fig. 3-28).
Page 3-26.Paragraph 3-24a(2) Is superseded as follows:
(2) Check the bottom seam for breaks or misses in the sealing compound. Apply compound to bare spots
(petroleum tanks only).
Paragraph :3-25b(2)(d) is superseded as follows.
(d) Apply sealing putty at overlap of top and ,vertical seam gaskets (petroleum tanks only)
Para .3-27.Paragraph :3-26a(4) is superseded as follows.
(4) Repair leaks by tightening nuts and applying sealing compound at points of leakage (petroleum tanks
Page 4-2.Paragraph 4-2b.Note is superseded as follows
When there is a break in the basket material, ends should t overlap two holes and be cut squarely across the second
hole. Sealing putty must he applied to each end of the overlap strip to, insure a leak proof joint (petroleum tanks only).

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