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Page Title: Figure 8-51. Adjusting height of center support
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TM 5-5430-209-12
Figure 8-52. Raising first deck section.
(2) At midpoint of timber, apply lift sling (4).
Make a single line short sling with a clove hitch at each
(3) Lower haul line of gin pole (2) to bottom of
tank and attach sling (4) to the hook of the lower tackle.
(4) Lower haul line of boom (3) to bottom of tank
and attach a pair of hooks to the lower tackle. Attach
hooks to equally spaced holes in small end of deck
(5) Raise deck section, small end first. Keep
Figure 8-51. Adjusting height of center support.
small end at least 3-feet higher than large end while
section is raised.
(1) Place a jack under each pad (1, fig. 8-51).
(6) Lower large end of section over proper bolts
Use 2 by 2 dunnage and cut two gaging sticks 5 1/2
in top chime of third ring staves. Install finger tightened
inches long.
nuts on all except the end bolts in the section.
(2) As jacks are adjusted, use gaging sticks and
(7) Lower small end of section and aline bolt
check the distance between the top of the center support
holes in rafter support clip 113, fig. 8-48) with proper
base tube and the face of the pads (1). When the
bolt holes in umbrella-type deck support (1, fig. 8-45).
gaging sticks fit in this space, lock the jacks.
(8) Insert bolts through the support and clip.
(3) Insert 1-by 9-inch bolts (3) through the alined
Secure bolts with finger tightened nuts.
boltholes in the center support base tube and bottom
(9) Release one end of deck sling (5, fig. 8-52)
center support (4).
and lower the timber to the tank bottom.
(4) Install nuts (5) on the bolts (3) and tighten
(10) Remoe rope deck hooks at small end of
the bolts.
section. Face small end of section and swing center
(5) Unlock and remove the jacks.
pole boom (3) counterclockwise.
After all deck sections have been Installed, the
Above procedures can be accomplished with a
height measured from top of the top center
rope and hooks attached to the opposite sides of
support to top of the center base plate may
the section. 3 or 4 bolt holes from the end. If
required further adjustment to make deck
rope hooks are not used. a sling can be
sections fit properly
wrapped around the end of the section Keep
knot on top of deck for easy removal.
d. Installing First Deck Section.
(1) Across the top of first deck section (1., fig. 8-
52), place a 4-by 4-inch by 6-foot long timber about 8
inches from large end. Run a 5/8-inch two line rolling
hitch sling (5) under the section, lashed to each end of

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