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Page Title: Figure 8-58. Middle and top ladder sections installed
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TM 5-5430-209-12
(2) Top Section.
(a) Assemble ladder rails (1 and 2) and step
(3) with bolts (4) and nuts (5).
Follow the
procedures in b above.
(b) Install handrails (9) at top of ladder rails.
Insert bolts (4) through the horizontal leg of ladder rails
and handrails (9), in that order. Secure with nuts (5) and
bolts (4).
d. Installing Ladder Sections.
Place access
ladder (13, fig. 1-5) where convenient to pressure
vacuum valve (6) at outer perimeter of the deck.
(1) Bottom Section.
(a) Lift bottom section and set the end bolt
holes of lower braces (7 and 8, fig. 8-67) over the bolts
in bottom chime of first ring staves. Set end boltholes of
middle braces (10 and 11) over the bolts in bottom
chime of second ring staves.  Mark the bolts, move
section to one side, and remove the nuts.
(b) Set braces back over the bolts in the
chimes. Install nuts and tighten the bolts.
(c) Tighten bolts in ladder rails (1 and 2) and
lower braces (7 and 8).
(2) Middle Section.
(a) Place the temporary ladder along the
installed bottom section. Carry a haul line to the deck.
(b) Attach lower end of haul line to top step of
the section.
(c) Raise the section and temporarily aline
boltholes in bottom of ladder rails with boltholes in
plates (6, fig. 8-57). Insert bolt through bolthole in each
ladder rail (1 and 2, fig. 8-58) and plates (6, fig. 8-57) to
hold the section in place.
(d) Set end boltholes of top braces (7 and 8,
fig. 8-58) over bolts in the bottom chime of third ring
staves. Mark the bolts.
(e) Remove temporarily installed bolts and
move section to one side. Remove nuts on bolts in the
(f) Set the section back in position with braces
over bolts in the chime. Install nuts on the bolts.
(g) Insert bolts through ladder rails (1 and 2).
Install nuts on bolts protruding through plates. Tighten
Figure 8-58. Middle and top ladder sections installed.
bolts in plates and chime. Remove the haul line.
(3) Top Section.
(a) Attach haul line to top step of section and
(b) Install plates (6) at the top of rails (1 and 2).
follow procedure in (2) above.
Follow the procedure in b above.
(b) Mark bolts on the deck and move section
(c) Install top ladder braces (7 and 8) on plates (6).
to one side. Remove the nuts.
Insert bolts (4) through the inside bolt holes of plates (6)
(c) Set the section back in position with
and braces (7 and 8) in that order. Install nuts (5) on
handrails (9) over the bolts in the deck. Install nuts on
bolts (4). Tighten the bolts.
the bolts.

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