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Page Title: Combustible Materials.
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Do not set fires near equipment that is to
be retained and evacuated. Move this
equipment away from burning site.
a. Mechanical  Destruction.  Smash as many vital
components as possible before burning equipment.
b. Combustible Materials. Fire built with com-
bustible materials is very effective for destroying chemi-
Figure 2-3.
M2 Fire Starter.
cal supplies such as protective masks, butyl-rubber-
coated fabric, canvas, filters, canisters, and plastic
(3) Tie lanyard to metal handle. Make sure
components. Burning with combustible materials will
lanyard is slack.
also destroy electrical equipment including motors,
(4) Fasten (tape or tie firmly) fire starter to fuel-
generator armature windings, and wiring, tires, and
soaked equipment at base of pile. (Do not tape or tie
low-melting-point metal parts. Procedures for building a
scratcher wire down).
fire suitable for burning this type of equipment are as
(5) Surround fire starter with kindling.
(6) Move back 10 meters (11 yards) from pile
(1) Gather combustible materials such as
and pull lanyards hard to ignite fire starters.
scrap lumber, boxes, cartons, or brush.
(7) Take cover immediately after starting fires.
(2) If time and terrain permit, place some com-
bustible materials in a hole or hollow where equipment
e. Incendiary Grenades.
can be safely burned.
(1) Burning with AN-M14 TH3 incendiary hand-
(3) Place up to 2,000 pounds (1,800 kg) of
grenades is an effective method of destroying essential
equipment or parts to be burned in a pile.
components of many items. When ignited, the AN-M14
(4) Pack enough combustible materials under,
grenade burns intensely. Molten iron from the burning
around, and over the pile to sustain burning.
thermate (TH3) will melt metal components, burn
(5) Pour used motor oil, thickened flame fuel or
through steel plate, and ignite flammable materials.
diesel oil over entire pile.
(2) The grenade can be tossed, ignited in
(6) Check wind direction.
place, or ignited remotely by a lanyard. Always follow
(7) Clear all other personnel from burning site
the operator's instructions in TM 9-1330-200-12 when
to area at least 50 meters (55 yards) upwind.
employing the AN-M14 incendiary grenade. The gre-
c. Ignition.  Combustible materials can be ignited
nade should not be tossed except in emergencies.
by lighting a combustible train consisting of dry sticks,
Never hold the AN-M14 grenade in the hand after the
excelsior, or slow-burning propellant; remotely firing an
safety lever is released. Once the safety lever is re-
M2 fire starter; remotely firing an incendiary grenade;
leased there is no way to stop the grenade from func-
firing a burst from a flamethrower; launching an M74
tioning. The fuze has a delay time of about 2 seconds
incendiary rocket; or a combination of the above.
before it ignites the TH3 incendiary mixture.
(3) Igniting the AN-M14 grenade in place is
used only when one grenade is needed to destroy an
Use at least two fire starters to start afire.
item. Never ignite an AN-M14 incendiary grenade in
place to light combustible materials. Lanyards are used
d. Fire Starters.  M2 fire starters (fig 2-3) can be
to ignite incendiary grenades from a safe distance when
used to ignite combustible trains leading to piles of
starting fires with combustible materials. Lanyards are
combustible materials surrounding equipment to be
used to ignite several incendiary grenades at the same
burned. Fire starters can also be placed on the piles and
time when burning more than one component of an item
remotely fired as follows:
of equipment or several items. Procedures for using
(1) Trail lanyard for each fire starter from up-
lanyards to remotely ignite AN-M14 TH3 incendiary
wind position at least 10 meters (11 yards) along ground
hand grenades are as follows:
to pile.
(2) Slip metal handle off end of fire starter, but
do not pull scratcher wire.
Use two incendiary grenades to start fires.

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