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Page Title: Procedures for Using Fire.
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TM 43-0002-31
c. Grenade, Hand: Incendiary, TH3, AN-M14.
This burning type grenade is used to destroy critical
components of equipment and to ignite fires
dispersers, breathing apparatus pressure
(TM 9-1330-200-12). SB 725-1300-1 authorizes the
cylinders, or other compressed gas cylin-
AN-M14 grenade for this purpose. The AN-M14 gre-
ders. Leave valves open after pressurized
nade is ignited by pulling the safety pin and releasing the
air is bled from cylinders. Instant release
safety lever. Its fuze has a delay time of about two
of pressurized air or gas can cause death
seconds. The thermate (TH3) burns with an intense
or injury to personnel.
heat of about 4,000F (2,182 C) for 30 to 45 seconds.
The AN-M14 grenade is issued 16 per box (NSN/
Do not smoke within 50 feet of any flam-
DODAC 1330-00-219-8557-G900).
mable liquids.
d. Rocket, Incendiary, 66mm: TPA, 4-Round Clip,
M74. This incendiary rocket, when fired from an
Do not spread gasoline over combustible
M202A1 66mm rocket launcher, is used to ignite fires
material to aid in rapid ignition. Gasoline is
and burn materiel from a distance (TM 3-1055-456-12).
toxic and very volatile. Because of its low
flashpoint, gasoline ignites easily and
may explode. Drain gasoline from fuel
2-14. Procedures for Using Fire.
tanks into approved containers. Keep
open flame away from working area until
ready to burn equipment.
DEATH or severe wounds or burns may
Do not allow DS2 decontaminating agent
result if personnel fail to observe safety
solution to contact skin or eyes or to be
exposed to flame. DS2 is corrosive and
combustible. Careless handling may
Observe applicable surface danger zones
cause severe burns.
specified in AR 385-63 for hazards from
incendiary grenades, flamethrowers, in-
Always drain wet cell batteries before
cendiary rockets, and demolitions, or from
using any method of destruction. Bat-
ricochets from gunfire.
teries contain corrosive electrolyte which
can cause severe burns.
Do not hold onto or remain close to incen-
diary grenade after releasing safety lever.
Once safety lever is released the grenade
will function. This grenade emits incen-
diary particles, fumes, and intense heat.
Radiation hazard. Do not use mechanical
means, demolition, fire, gunfire, or
Before lighting fires, evacuate all other
dumping in water to destroy radioactive
personnel from the surface danger zone
sources. Exposure to radiation from the
to a safe distance upwind from the equip-
source may cause casualties or deaths.
ment to be burned. Take cover im-
mediately after starting fires.
Do not burn equipment where fires may
ignite ammunition stores. Remove all
When using demolition or fire as a method
ammunition from weapons and return to
of destruction for chemically contami-
ammunition shipping containers.
nated equipment (alarms, filters etc), per-
sonnel should mask and move upwind of
Always bleed pressurized air from units
the site. If unable to move upwind of the
such as flamethrowers, riot control agent
site, personnel must wear protective
clothing and masks.

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