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Figure 1-5. Gyroscopic reference unit - cutaway
TM-5-6675-250-34 Survey Instrument Azimuth Gyro Lightweight( Leaser Siegler Inc. Models AG-8 and AG-8A) Manual
TM 5-6675-250-34
unit and the reference unit to be tested prior to the
CAGE-UNCAGE knob on the outside of the
azimuth determination procedure. A PRESS TO
TEST switch and TEST METER are used in con-
(2) The pendulum is a tubular structure with the
top end capped with a mounting plate for the
junction with the TEST SELECT switch to obtain
indications of circuit operation. Through the PRESS
suspension band clamp and the lower end is fitted
TO TEST switch, the output of circuits under test
with the gyro wheel assembly. Surrounding the full
length of the pendulum is a tubular structure called
are connected from the calibration circuit to the
TEST METER. Satisfactory operation of the cir-
the air damper, that is attached to the lower end of
cuits corresponding to the TEST SELECT switch
the follow-up shaft. The purpose of the air damper is
to suppress lateral pendulum motion through
positions (fig. 1-2) are indicated on the TEST
pneumatic damping. In the uncaged condition, the
METER and as specified in test procedures.
pendulum is suspended by a thin metal band which
Lighting provisions of the unit are activated with the
extends from the top of the follow-up shaft to the top
initial application of power.
of the pendulum. Caging of the lower end of the
1-10. Electrical System (Fig. 1-6 and 1-7).
pendulum is furnished by a tapered seat on the
a. General. The electrical system is contained in
pendulum that rests on a similar seat on the air
the ECU and GRU. Cable assemblies are provided to
damper. The pendulum and air damper is isolated
interconnect the two units and to connect the control
from magnetic fields by a mu-metal shield which is
unit to a power source. Unregulated dc power is
attached to the lower side of the housing.
connected at the INPUT POWER receptacle 2A2J2
c. Control of the aximuth determination procedure
of the ECU to provide operating power to the
is provided through the ECU. Power supplied to the
SIAGL. The INTERCONNECT receptacle 2A2J3 is
input receptacle is distributed to the printed circuit
connected, through a two-branch wiring harness, to
board and chassis-mounted components through the
controls and indicators on the front panel, chassis-
MODE SELECT switch. Unregulated input voltage
mounted transformer 2A2T2, and to the card strip
is regulated in ac and dc supply circuits in the
connectors 2A2J5 and 2A2J6. Additional harnesses
system. Corresponding to the position of the
connect submodules, controls, and indicators to the
switches on the control unit, operating power is
card strip connectors 2A2J5 and 2A2J6. In the
applied to the GRU through the interconnect cable.
GRU, one wiring harness interconnects receptacle
F e e d b a c k signals from the GRU reflecting
1A1J1 to components in the follow-up and upper
gyroscopic action are applied to the printed circuit
housing assemblies. The harness also connects the
board. Subcircuits on the printed circuit board in-
26 Vac reference voltage for the excitation coils and
clude a gyro sync sensor, digital timing, and
the varied voltage for the torquer reference coil
reference voltage circuits. In operation of the
through separate power bands. From receptacle
SIAGL, derived signals from the printed circuit
1A1J1 the signal voltages to the servo motor and
board activate GYRO SYNC and READ
gear train assembly are connected by a sleeved cable
AXIMUTH indicators on the control unit panel. A
through connector 1A1J2.
self-test mode of operation enables both the control
Figure 1-6. Functional block diagram.
(Located in back of manual)
b. Detailed Description. All ac and dc operating
SELECT switch. The following paragraphs describe
voltages used in the system are derived from the
the operation of the equipment for each of the five
nominal 24 Vdc input. Through a fuse in the power
activated positions of the MODE SELECT switch.
input circuit, input voltage is applied to the MODE
Figure 1-7. Electronic control unit schema tic diagram (Sheet 1 of 5).
(Located in back of manual).
Figure 1-7. Electronic control unit schematic diagram (Sheet 2 of 5).
(Located in back of manual).
Figure 1-7. Electronic control unit schematic diagram (Sheet 3 of 5).
(Located in back of manual).
Figure 1-7. Electronic control unit schematic diagram (Sheet 4 of 5).
(Located in back of manual).
Figure 1-7. Electronic control unit schematic diagram (Sheet 5 of 5).
(Located in back of manual).
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