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Page Title: Theory of Operation
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Figure 1-3. AC-DC converter.
TM-5-6675-250-34 Survey Instrument Azimuth Gyro Lightweight( Leaser Siegler Inc. Models AG-8 and AG-8A) Manual
Figure 1-5. Gyroscopic reference unit - cutaway
TM 5-6675-250-34
the pendulous gyro attempts to maintain its
e. Test Support Equipment. T e s t s u p p o r t
orientation in space because of its inertia as it is
equipment includes an interconnect breakout box
carried from (a) to (b) because of the earth's rotation.
and a printed circuit card cable extender. The in-
This requires that the spin axis tilt, resulting in the
terconnect breakout box contains test jacks and
departure of the pendulum from the local vertical, as
switches for checking subcircuits of the instrument
shown in (b). The acceleration of gravity, however,
and is connected between the GRU and ECU during
exerts a downward force on the center of mass of the
testing and troubleshooting operations. The cable
pendulum and forces it to remain in the local ver-
extender is provided to connect the printed circuit
tical. A torque, therefore, is present about
card to the ECU when the printed circuit card is
a horizontal axis normal to the gyro spin axis. This
removed. The printed circuit card is removed to aid
torque produces precession about the vertical axis
c h e c k s of the system components during
turning the eastern end of the spin axis coun-
terclockwise until position (c) is reached and the spin
1-9. Theory of Operation
axis is aligned. While thus aligned the earth's
a. The operation of SIAGL is based on the
rotation will cause further precession because the
principle that a pendulous gyro suspended with its
rotation is about the spin axis of the gyro. However,
spin axis horizontal tends to align this axis with the
the gyro in processing towards north builds up
horizontal component of the earth's spin velocity
momentum which carries it through the meridian to
(fig. 1-4). The gyro is suspended on a flexible, low
position (d). At position (e) the same sequence oc-
torque metal band to permit minute pendulous and
curs as at (a) but because the spin axis is now
rotational torques to affect the motion of the pen-
pointing west, precession drives the spin axis back
dulous gyro. With the pendulous gyro in position (a)
toward north.
with the angular momentum vector (H) pointed east,
Figure 1-4. Principle of operation.
consists of a theodolite, upper housing and follow-up
b. The meridian-seeking action described in the
mechanism, a cylindrical pendulum containing the
preceding paragraph is accomplished with the
gyro wheel, and a supporting tripod.
SIAGL through the GRU (figure 1-5). The unit

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