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TM-5-6350-262-14-1 Processor Ultrasonic Motion Signal MX-9444( )/FSS-9(V) FSN 6350-228-2581Transceiver Ultrasonic Motion Signal Manual
TM 5-6350-262-14/1
NAVELEX 0967-LP-466-9012
TO 31S9-4-36-1 Chg 2
transducer supports (transducers attached) must be
b. Metal. These surfaces may consist of flat or
reinstalled in the enclosure.
corrugated sheet metal, anigle iron supports or steel I-
(a) Secure the plastic identified with
beams.  Secure a convenient size wooden mounting
the white dot and the attached transmit transducer also
plate ( inch thick plywood) to the metal surface using
attached with a white dot and an 8 inch long ataching
number 12 x 1 inch long sheet metal screws or
lead to the enclosure adjacent to the conduit entrance
construction type hanger clamps.. Drill the required pilot
holes using four flat head 4 X inch long sheet metal
mounting holes in the wooden plate using the procedure
screws (fig. C-3). Two screws secure the plastic support
in a above.
through each side of the enclosure.
c. Masonry These surfaces may consist of brick,
Secure the remaining plastic
solid concrete, or blocks with hollow cores. For both
support identfied with the blue dot and the attached
brick and solid concrete mounting surfaces, secure a
receive transducer also identified with a blue dot and a 3
convienent size wooden mounting plate ( inch thick
1/3 inch long attaching lead to the enclosure from the
plywood to the masonry surface as follows:
conduit entrance using the same procudeure as in (a)
(1) To secure the wooden mounting plate to
brick or solid concrete, perform the folowing steps:
(3) Secure the transceiver enclosure to the
(a)  Drill four inch holes in each
mounting surface at the same angular positioning (as
corner of the wooden mounting plate 1 inch in from each
determined in para. 2-11, location test and system test)
using two number 12 X inch long wood screws.
(b) Using the wooden mounting plate
as a template, mark the location of the four holes in the
brick or concrete wall.
(c) Using a carbide tipped masonry
Do not install the pc board in this unit
drill ( in dia.), drill four holes approximately 1 inch
until instructed to do so.
(d) Anchor the STAR TAP-IN in the
2-16. Interconnection.
masonry and secure the mounting plate to the masonry
using four 4-20 X 1 inch long screws and flat washers.
a. General. Interconnect each enclosure with
(e) Drill the required pilot mounting
inch  conduit  using  standard  electrical  practices.
holes in the wooden plate using the procedure in (a)
Observe figures 2-3 and FO-1 (located at rear of
manual) for conduit and interconnection configurations.
(2) To secure the wooden mounting plate to
blocks with a hollow core perform the following steps.
(a)  Drill four inch holes in the
wooden mounting plate and position them to align with
Use of pull boxes (without tamper
the hollow core area of the blocks.
protection)  on  long  conduit  runs
(b) Using the wooden mounting plate
as a template, mark the hole locations to align with the
Unprotected pull boxes should not be
hollow core of the blocks.
(c) Using carbide tipped masonry drill
(5/8 inch dia.), drill four holes through to the hollow core.
b. Cable Runs. A cable run between enclosures
(d)  Anchor the wooden mounting
consists of one twisted pair (number 22 wire), one
plate to the hollow cored blocks using four 10-24
shielded signal cable and three number 22 tamper and
threaded toggle bolts and flat washers.
enclosure ground wires. Allow a generous service loop
(e) Drill the required pilot mounting
at each enclosure to facilitate cable preparation and
holes using the procedure in (a) above.
connection to the repsective cable boards.
d.  Secure the processor and enclosure to the
c.  Cable Preparation.  Prepare the cable lead
mounting suiface using four number 12 x inch long
ends and fasten crimp lugs to each lead.  Attach a
wood screws.
connecting lead and crimp lug to the shielded lead.
Wires may be attached without crimp lugs if desired.
Secure  the  processor  and  transceiver
enclosures to the prepared mouinting surface as follows.
d. Reinstall pc Board (fig. 1-1). Fasten the pc
(1) Secure the processor enclosure to the
board to the processor enclosure and the pc board to the
mounting surface usinf four number 12 X inch long
transceiver enclosure. Orientation of the transceiver pc
wood screws.
board must coincide with the transceiver pc board must
Prior to securing the transceiver
coincide with the transducer lead length.
enclosure to the mounting surface the two plastic
Change 2 2-9

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