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Page Title: Deck Guard
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TM 5-5430-209-12
b. Assembly.
Do not install guard wire supports over
(1) Assemble right ladder rail (1, fig. 7-4), left
stave chime lap seams or deck lap
ladder rail (2), and ladder steps (3) with bolts (4)
following the procedures given in paragraph 6-16b (1)
(1) Locate supports (14, fig. 7-4) around the
and (2).
top chime near center of each deck plate except at the
(2) Place assembled sections end-to-end on
blocking so that the inside angle of the ladder steps all
(2) Remove two adjacent nuts from the
face in the same direction. The end of ladder rails (1)
chime bolts where each support is to be installed.
and (2) facing the inside angle of steps (3) is the bottom.
(3) Install supports over the bolt so that the
(3) Connect assembled ladder rails together
undrilled side of the support is toward the outside
with splice gusset plates so that the short-sheared edge
perimeter of the deck. Secure each support with two
is toward the top of the ladder and away from the face of
nuts previously removed.
the ladder. From the ladder rail side, install a bolt (4)
(4) Thread guard wires (15) through holes in
through the first, second, and fourth holes of the rail and
supports (14). Attach ends of wires to handrails (13)
gusset plate, counting from the bottom hole.  Finger
leaving an opening between the two handrails.
tighten a nut on each bolt.
(4) Assemble two cross tie strips (6) in the
c. Scaffold. Refer to paragraph 6-15f and remove
form of an "X" with a bolt (4) through the center holes.
the scaffold components.
Install a nut finger tight on the bolt. Assemble the two
7-16.  Emergency Vent
remaining cross tie strips in the same manner.
(5) At bottom of ladder on right ladder rail (1),
a. General.
The  emergency  vent  for  the
install brace (7) on the side face of the rail using the
3000barrel tank is identical to, and interchangeable with,
hole that is nearest the end of the brace. Install bolt (4)
the vent for the 1000-barrel tank as described in
through the hole from the rail side. Finger tighten a nut
on the bolt. Install brace (8) on left ladder rail (2) in the
same manner.
b. Installation.  Refer to paragraph 6-17b and
(6) Install two crosstie strips (6) between
install the emergency vent.
braces (7 and 8), using holes nearest the ladder rails.
7-17. Manhole Air Intake
Secure strips to braces with bolts (4) and nuts. Tighten
nut on bolt in middle of the strips.
(7) At splice gusset plate (5) nearest bottom
a. General.
The manhole air intake for the
of ladder on right side, install brace (9) using the three
3000barrel tank is identical to, and interchangeable with,
vacant holes in the plate. Install bolts from the plate
the intake for the 1000-barrel tank as described in
side. Install nuts on each bolt. Tighten all nuts and
bolts at the gusset plate. Install brace (10) on left side in
the same manner.
b. Installation.  Refer to paragraph 6-186 and
(8) Install two crosstie strips (6) between
install the manhole air intake.
braces (9 and 10) as in step (6) above.
Water Draw-off Valve
(9) At top splice gusset plates (5), install
brace (11) on right side, and brace (12) on left side, as
in step (7) above.
a. General.  The water drawoff valve for the
(10) Install handrail (13) on outside face of
3000barrel tank is identical to, and interchangeable with,
each ladder rail (1 and 2) at top of ladder. Secure each
the valve for the 1000-barrel tank as described in
handrail with two bolts (4) and nuts.
c. Installation.  Refer to paragraph 6-16c and
install the assembled ladder.
b Installation.  Refer to paragraph 6-19b and
install the water drawoff valve.
7-15.  Deck Guard
Tank Outlets
a. General. The deck guard consists of 19 guard
wire supports (14) and two guard wires (15).  The
supports are welded steel angles which are attached to
a. General. The tank outlets for the 3000-barrel
bolts in the deck chime. The guard wires are number 9
tank are identical to, and interchangeable with, the
steel wire.  They are threaded through holes in the
outlets for the 1000-barrel tank as described in
supports to form guard rails around the outer perimeter
of the deck.
b. Installation.  Refer to paragraph 6-20b and
b. Installation.
install the tank outlets.

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