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Page Title: Identification, Demolition Kit, M180
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TM 9-1375-213-12-1
Shaped ChargeInert
has a larger diameter than the other legs and its
Charge, Demolition, Shaped, Practice: M2A3
two sections are not joined together by a wire.
Lot HM1-79
The lower section of the launch leg has an align-
ing pin which fits into a notch in the upper section
Warhead for Demolition Kit, Cratering, Practice:
to assure proper alignment of components. A
base, located on the bottom of the launch leg, pre-
Lot 167151
Mfr Date 1078
vents the leg from digging into the earth thus
Rocket MotorInert
assuring the proper standoff distance for the
Rocket Motor for Demolition Kit, Practice: M270
shaped charge.
Lot 6970-001
The firing device has the following markings in
1-4. Identification, Demolition Kit, M180
raised letters:
Firing Device, Electrical, M57
The major components are olive drab with yellow
The firing device has markings, such as the follow-
markings. The tripod assembly and demolition
ing, stamped in black ink:
circuit have no markings. The following are ex-
Lot No. JLP 1-Z
amples of yellow markings on the shaped charge,
Date of Mfr 3-76
warhead and rocket motor
The demolition circuit wooden subpack has the fol-
Shaped Charge
lowing markings stenciled in black ink:
Charge, Demolition, Shaped, 15-lb (6.75 kilo-
Circuit Demolition (Inert)
grams), M2A4
Comp B
Lot HM1-79
1-6. Functioning
Loaded 10-78
a. Demolition Kit, M180. A 50-cap blasting ma-
Warhead for Demolition Kit, Cratering M180
chine is used to fire the kit. Current generated by
Lot 167151
the machine simultaneously ignites the M2 squibs
High Explosive
40 lbs (18 kilograms) -
and the delay-type electric blasting cap in the
Type H-6
rocket. The squibs ignite the propellant grain
Loaded 10-78
Lot PA-57380
which causes the rocket motor to build thrust un-
Rocket Motor
til the shear strength of the attaching hardware
Rocket Motor for Demolition Kit, Cratering: M180
is exceeded. When this occurs, the entire assem-
Loaded 12-78
Lot 6970-001
bly, rocket motor and warhead, moves toward the
firing device.  On impact, the cover and the fir-
+130 F
40 F to
Firing Temp Limits:
ing device handle are crushed, current is then
(40 C to +54 C)
generated by the firing device which causes ini -
Storage Temp Limits: 40 F to + 140 F
tiation of the following demolition circuit com-
( 40 C to +60 C)
ponents in sequence:  M6 electric blasting cap,
Prop Lot PA-57704
Mfr Date 10-78
detonating cord and M7 nonelectric blasting cap.
The firing device has the following markings in
The M7 nonelectric cap initiates the shaped
raised letters.
charge which blasts a pilot hole in the surface.
As the hole is being created, the rocket motor
Firing Device, Electrical, M57
propels the warhead through the hole. The
The firing device has markings, such as the follow-
delay-type blasting cap initiates the tetryl
ing, stamed in black ink.
lead which detonates the booster that detonates
Lot No. JLP 1-Z
the warhead.  Detonation of the warhead completes
Date of Mfr 3-76
the cratering action of the kit.
the demolition circuit wooden subpack has the fol-
lowing markings stenciled in black ink.
b. Demolition Kit, M270. The training M270
Demolition Kit is completely inert and therefore
Resistors are incorporated in the training
1-5. Identification, Demolition Kit, M270
kit's firing circuit to electrically simulate
The major components are blue with white mark-
the squibs and cap used in the tactical
ings. The following are examples of white mark-
kit's firing circuit. The training firing cir-
ings on the inert, shaped charge, warhead and
cuit can be checked in the manner as the
rocket motor.
tactical firing circuit.
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