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Page Title: Required Materials for Mechanical Means.
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b. Selection of mechanical means for destruction of
equipment will depend on the situation. Refer to Section
Vlll for combining this method with others. Combining
Always bleed pressurized air from units
mechanical means with another method is usually more
such as flamethrowers, riot control agent
effective than either method alone.
dispersers, breathing apparatus pressure
c. Mechanical means of destroying equipment are
cylinders, or other compressed gas cylin-
effective as long as the same parts are destroyed on all
like equipment.
ders. Leave valves open after pressurized
d. Mechanical means are not effective for destroy-
air is bled from cylinders. Instant release
of pressurized air or gas can cause death
ing equipment made of heavy steel.
e. The mechanical method of destruction should be
or injury to personnel.
completed before using the fire method.
Always drain wet cell batteries before
using any method of destruction. Bat-
2-7. Required Materials for Mechanical Means.
teries contain corrosive electrolyte which
a. Materials required for destruction of equipment
can cause severe burns.
by mechanical means are sledge hammers, crowbars,
picks, axes, or other heavy tools.
Drain gasoline from fuel tanks into ap-
b. Tracked vehicles or cranes maybe used to crush
proved containers. Keep open flame
piles of small, breakable items.
away from destruction area. An unplan-
ned explosion or fire may cause death,
2-8. Procedures for Using Mechanical Means.
injury, or severe burns.
Do not allow DS2 decontaminating agent
Do not use mechanical means to destroy
solution to contact skin or eyes or to be
ammunition. An explosion or release of
exposed to flame. DS2 is corrosive and
hazardous materials may result, causing
combustible. Careless handling may
death or injury to personnel. Remove all
cause severe burns.
ammunition from weapons and return to
ammunition shipping containers.
a. If time prevents destruction of ail parts, smash
(or otherwise damage) high priority components first.
Render these components completely unusable. Com-
plete destruction of critical parts is more important than
light damage to all parts.
b. After critical parts, other parts should be
c. If time permits, cut or chop protective masks,
Radiation hazard. Do not use mechani-
filters, electrical wiring,. nonmetal tubing, hoses, butyl-
cal means, demolition, fire, gunfire, or
rubber components, and fabrics.
dumping in water to destroy radioactive
d. Use tracked vehicles to crush large quantities of
sources. Exposure to radiation from the
lightweight, breakable items.
source may cause casualties or deaths.
2-9. Demolition.
and the conditions under which equipment will be de-
stroyed are command decisions. The decisions are
a. Destruction by demolition requires using explo-
made according to the tactical situation of each case.
sives and demolition equipment which may not normally
be authorized or available. The issue of these materials

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