Quantcast Repair of Deflection or Elevation Boresight Control Assembly and Replacement of Housing Window


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Page Title: Repair of Deflection or Elevation Boresight Control Assembly and Replacement of Housing Window
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Disassembly - TM-9-1240-311-340016
TM-9-1240-311-34 Telescope Articulated: M127 (1240-437-1254) and M127A1 (M127E1) (1240-148-8539) and Hanger Assembly (1240-906-79451) Manual
Figure 3-7. Deflection and elevation boresight housing assembly--partial exploded view
d. Repair. Repair is limited to replacement of the of
(4) Thread wire protruding from  housing
through side of support (14, fig. 3-6). Install support in
the pointer, clutch, packing window and hardware.
housing and apply sealing compound, MIL-S-11031, to
threads of setscrew (10); secure to housing.
e. Assembly.
(5) Solder wire to contact (9, fig. 3-6).
(1) Position window (18) in insert of the housing.
Position contact on side of support and secure with items
(2) Apply  sealing  compound,  MIL-S-11031,  to
8 and 7.
threads of screws (16). Position plate (17) over window
(6) Position ground strap (6, fig. 3-6) between
and secure to housing with screws.
housing and lampholder assembly (3), install items 5 and
(3) Apply a thin film of grease, MIL-G-4343 to
4. Apply sealing compound, MIL-S-11031, to screw (2)
packing (15) and install into cavity of the adapter
and secure the strap.
(7) Install lamp (1) in either the lampholder
(4) Apply a thin film of grease, MIL-G-23827, to the
assembly (3, fig. 3-6) or lamp assembly (fig. 3-9).
splined surface of the adapter.
(5) Position clutch (14) over locating pins, install
washers (13) and secure with screws (12)
3-11. Repair of Deflection or Elevation Boresight
(6) Install stop (11) and spacer (10).
Control Assembly and Replace ment of
(7) Position knob (9) over adapter.  Push in until
Housing Window (Fig. 3-7)
serrations on clutch, knob, and spline mate.
(8) Install spring (8) into center hole of the knob,
a. Disassembly.
secure with screw (7)
(1) Unscrew item 1 to remove item 2 and
(9) Position dial (6) on flange of the knob, install
pointer (3) from either knob assembly.
washer (5) and secure with nut (4)
(2) Remove items 4 through 8 and pull knob
(10) Install pointer (3) in vertical position using the
(9) from spline of adapter.
inside holes of both knob assemblies Position washer
(3) Remove spacer (10) and stop (11).
(2), secure with screw (1)
(4) Remove items 12 and 13, and pry clutch
(14) from locating pins.
Repair of Horizontal or Vertical Boresight
(5) Remove packing (15) from cavity of
Control Assembly (Fig. 3-8)
adapter housing.
(6) Unscrew item 16. Remove plate (17) and
a. Removal. Remove items 1 and 2. Pull dial (4)
window (18) from housing.
from housing opening and remove packing (3) from inset
of housing.
Note: Screw (19) is removed only to purge the
reticle projector assembly.
b. Disassembly
(1) Remove items 5 and 6. Pull knob (7) from
b. Inspection.
end of adapter (9).
(1) Inspection the general condition of all
(2) Disassemble items 8 through 11 and pry
parts. Check for rust or corrosion.
plate (12) from locating pin (13). Do not remove pin.
(2) Inspect dial, check legibility of letters,
(3) Disassemble items 14 and 15.  Remove
numbers, and graduations.
packing (16).
(3) Inspect spring for compression.
(4) Inspect  packing,  check  for  wear  or
c. Inspection.
deterioration of rubber.
(1) Inspect the general condition of all parts.
(5) Inspect hardware, check for burred or
Check for rust or corrosion.
stripped threads.
(2) Inspect the spring for compression.
(3) Inspect the packing, check for wear and
c. Cleaning.
deterioration of rubber.
(1) Clean  all  metal  parts  with  a  cloth
(4) Inspect hardware, check for burred or
moistened with dry cleaning fluid.
stripped threads.
(2) Clean the rubber packing in warm water
with a mild soap. Dry thoroughly.
d. Cleaning.

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