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Page Title: Section II. MAINTENANCE
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TM 9-1375-213-12-1
tape the box cover closed. Set the subpack aside
condition and should not be transported by user
personnel. Contact EOD personnel for disposal of
for repacking in the kit container. If the circuit
is damaged beyond the authorized repair, repack
the kit.
2. If there is other damage, repair or re-
all components (para 2-11d) and return the kit to
place damaged components, barrier bag, and con-
the supply point.
(c) If the kit components are damaged, de-
tainer in accordance with the procedures in par-
agraphs 3-4 thru 3-6, repack as required using
termine the type and extent of the damage.
1. If there is damage to the explosive com-
the applicable procedures of paragraph 211d and
place the kit in the storage area. If the damage
ponents of the shaped charge, warhead, or rocket
is beyond the authorized repair, repack and re-
motor to the extent that the explosive filler is
turn kit to the supply point.
exposed or fragmented, the kit is in a hazardous
Section Il.
3-3. General
3-6. Electrical Wires
Repair parts are not authorized for the equip-
Wires that have been severed or which have ac-
ment. Operator/organizational maintenance is
cidentally bared sections can be repaired.
limited to that provided in the following para-
a. To splice severed wires, use at least two
inches of bare conductor from each wire and twist
them together securely. Insulate each twisted
3-4. Containers and Packing Materials
splice with electrical insulating tape to prevent
Containers and packing materials may be re-
b. Accidentally bared conductors should be re-
paired or replaced. Replacement will be made us-
paired by covering with electrical insulating tape.
ing items from previously expended kits. Assure
that all markings (nomenclature, lot identifica-
tion, NSN, etc.) are transferred to the reworked/
replaced items. When a container is damaged but
there is no evidence of damage to the contents,
or barrier bag, DO NOT OPEN BARRIER BAG,
Detonating cord which has been severed may be
replace container ONLY.
repaired by tying the ends in a square or similar
knot. Assure that at least six inches (150 mm) of
3-5. Tripod
each end extend beyond the knot. The six inch
(150 mm) ends should lie flat against the cord and
The authorized repair for the tripod is the
may be taped in place.
straightening of bent legs.

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