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TM 9-1375-213-12-1
Section I. GENERAL.
personnel at all maintenance levels are listed in
and prescribed by TM 38-750.
a. This manual provides the user with oper-
b. Field Report of Accidents. Accidents involv-
ating instructions, operator and organizational
in injury to personnel or damage to materiel
maintenance procedures and description for the
will be reported on DA Form 286 (Accident
tactical Demolition Kit Cratering: M180 (fig.
Report) or DA Form 1051 (Record of Injury), in
1-1 and 1-2) and the inert Demolition Kit,
accordance with instructions in AR 385-40.
Cratering Training: M270 together with infor-
mation on their functioning , storage and use,
c. Malfunction Reports.
Procedures for the M180 Demolition Kit are
detailed in this manual. Procedures for the
(1) Definition of a malfunction. A mal-
M270 demolition kits are not separately
function is a failure of the kit to perform as
detailed since the basic operating and mainte-
expected when fired.  For reporting purposes,
nance procedures are identical.
malfunctions do not include accidents and fires
resulting from negligence, malpractice and the
like, However, malfunctions do include abnor-
mal or premature functioning if they occur in
the course of normal handling, maintenance,
storage, transportation and tactical deployment.
Where differences exist between the tac-
tical and training kits, they will be
(2) Malfunctions involving ammunnition.
noted in this manual.
Malfunction reports involving the kit must be
forwarded to the Commander, US Army Arma-
ment Materiel Readiness Command, ATTN;
AMSMC-QA, Rock Island, IL 61299. A prelimi-
b. This kit is designed to produce a large cra-
nary report will be made by the most expedi-
ter in compacted soil or road surfaces, but not
tious means (e.g. by telephone Autovon 793-
in reinforced concrete, arctic tundra, bedrock
The report
4851/Commercial 309-782-4851).
or sandy soil. The only exceptions are the tun-
will conform to the requirements of AR 75-1.
dra of the arctic and bed rock or sandy soil in
other regions. The kit produces its crater in
(3) Report of defective or unsatisfactory non-
two stages. The shaped charge blows a pilot
Report and turn-in for
explosive equipment.
hole in the surface and the rocket propelled war-
replacement or repair, non-explosive equipment
head enters the hole and detonates, enlarging
(e.g., blasting machines, tools, etc.) which is
the pilot hole. A number of kits may be fired
found defective or develops problems in use.
together to produce an exceptionally large cra-
Report such equipment by completing DA Form
2407 as prescribed in TM 38-750. forward com-
pleted DA Form 2407 to managing activity hav-
c. Kit(s) may be used in barrier, denial,
ing managing supply responsibility for the
flank security ambush, and retrograde, crater-
equipment. Managing activity is specified in
ing operations. Because of the speed and ease
SC 1375-94-CL-P02.
of emplacement, the kit(s) may be used both in
forward and rear areas for producing road and
d. Report of Damage or Improper Shipment.
defile craters, destroying bridge abutments,
Damage or improper sipments will be
destroying railroad beds, and pocking airfields
reported immediately on DD Form 6 in accor-
in denial operations.
dance with items attributable to shippers
report (AR 735-11-2), of transportation dis-
d. Refer to FM 5-25 for general demolition
crepancies in shipments (AR 55-38).
techniques and doctrine on demolition projects.
e. Equipment/Improvement Recommendations
Forms, Records and Reports
(EIR). If your demolition kit need improve-
ment, let us know. Send us and EIR. You, the
a. Forms. Maintenance forms, records, and
user, are
reports which are to be used by maitenance
Change 6 1-1

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