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C-6 (C-7 blank)
TM 9-1025-212-23&P
a. When National Stock Number or Part Number is
f. Description. Indicates the Federal item name and, if re-
quired, a minimum description to identify the item. The physical se-
curity classification of the item is indicated by a parenthetical entry
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine the func-
which is a physical security classification abbreviation, e.g., Phy Sec
tional group within which the item belongs. This is necessary since
C1 (C)-Confidential, Phy Sec C1 (S)-Secret, Phy Sec C1 (T)-Top
illustrations are prepared for functional groups and listings are divided
Secret. Items that are included in kits and sets are listed below the
into the same groups.
name of the kit or set with the quantity of each item in the kit or set
indicated in the quantity incorporated in unit column. When the part
(2) Second. Find the illustration covering the functional
to be used differs between serial numbers of the same model, the ef-
group to which the item belongs.
fective serial numbers are shown as the last line of the description.
In the Special Tools List, the initial basis of issue (BOI) appears as
(3) Third. Identify the item on the illustration and note the il-
the last line in the entry for each special tool, special TMDE, and
lustration figure and item number of the item.
other special support equipment. When density of equipments sup-
ported exceeds density spread indicated in the basis of issue, the to-
(4) Fourth. Using the repair parts listing, find the figure and
tal authorization is increased accordingly.
item number noted on the illustration.
g. Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the standard of the basic
b. When National Stock Number or Part Number is
quantity of the listed item as used in performing the actual mainte-
nance function. This measure is expressed by a two-character alpha-
betical abbreviation (e. g., ea, in., pr, etc). When the unit of measure
(1) First. Using the Index of National Stock Numbers and
differs from the unit of issue, the lowest unit of issue that will satisfy
Part Numbers, find the pertinent National stock number or part num-
the required units of measure will be requisitioned.
ber. This index is in NIIN sequence followed by a list of part num-
bers in alphameric sequence, cross-referenced to the illustration
h. Quantity Incorporated in Unit. Indicates the quantity of
figure number and item number.
the item used in the breakout shown on the illustration figure, which
is prepared for a functional group, subfunctional group, or an assem-
(2) Second. After finding the figure and item number, locate
bly. A "V" appearing in this column in lieu of a quantity indicates
the figure and item number in the repair parts list.
that no specific quantity is applicable, (e. g., shims, spacers, etc).

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