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Page Title: Special Information.
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Maintenance code. - TM-9-2350-238-20P0013
TM-9-2350-238-20P Recovery Vehicle Full Tracked: Light Armored M578 (NSN
Abbreviations. - TM-9-2350-238-20P0015
TM 9-2350-238-20P
of measure differs from the unit of issue, the lowest unit
TM 9-2350-238-34P-1
of issue that will satisfy the required units of measure will
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance
be requisitioned.
Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (Including
Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools):
h. Quantity Incorporated in Unit.  Indicates the
Hull and Related Components
quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on the
TM 9-2350-238-34P/2
illustration figure, which is prepared for a functional
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance
group, subfunctional group, or an assembly.  A "V"
Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (Including
appearing in this column in lieu of a quantity indicates
Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools):
that no specific quantity is applicable, (e.g., shims,
Crane (cab) Components
spacers, etc.).
TM 9-2520-234-34P
4. Special Information.
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance
a. Detailed manufacturing instructions for items
Repair Parts and Special Tools List (Including Depot
source coded to be manufactured or fabricated are
Maintenance Allowances) for Power Train Assembly
found in TM 9-2350-238-20 maintenance manual. Bulk
(8351100) (Allison Model XTG-411-2A)
materials required to manufacture items are listed in the
TM 9-2520-234-35
Bulk Material Group of this manual.
Field and Depot Maintenance Manual for Power
b. Detailed assembly instructions for items source
Train Assembly (8351100) (Allison Model XTG-411-
coded to be assembled are found in TM 92350-238-20
maintenance manual. Assembly components are listed
TM 9-2815-202-34&P
immediately following the item to be assembled.
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance
c. Repair parts kits and gasket sets appear as the
Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools
last entries in the repair parts listing for the figure in
List (Including Depot Maintenance Allowances) for
which its parts are listed as repair parts.
Engine, Diesel, Turbocharged, Fuel Injected, Liquid -
Cooled,  "V"  Type,  8-Cylinder,  W/Container,
Assembly Detroit Diesel GMC Series 8V71T Model
"P" source coded items with missing
7083-7398 and Detroit Diesel-GMC Series 8V71T
National stock numbers are items
model 7083-7399
which are not recorded in the Army
TM 9-2920-224-35
master data file (AMDF) and cannot
Field and Depot Maintenance Manual (Including
be requisitioned from the supply
Field and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts Lists):
system. When these stock numbers
Generator, Engine Assembly (300-Amp)
are broadcast in the AMDF, they will
be provided by a change to the
5. How to Locate Repair Parts.
manual. If justified, these items may
a. When National Stock Number or Part Number is
be requisitioned on an exception
basis using the Army part number or
(1) First.
Using the table of contents,
manufacturer's  part  number  and
determine the functional subgroup within which the
repair part belongs. This is necessary since illustrations
are prepared for functional subgroups, and listings are
d. The following publications pertain to M578
divided into the same groups.
vehicle and its components:
(2) Second. Find the illustration covering the
LO 9-2350-238-12
subgroup to which the repair part belongs.
Lubrication Order
(3) Third.
Identify the repair part on the
TM 9-2350-238-10
illustration and note the illustration figure and item
Operator's Manual
number of the repair part.
TM 9-2350-238-20
(4) Fourth. Using the Repair Parts Lising, find
Organizational Maintenance Manual
the figure and item number noted on the illustration.
TM 9-2350-238-34-1
b. When National Stock Number Part is Known:
Direct and General Support Maintenance Manual:
Hull and Related Components
(1) First.  Using the Index of National Stock
TM 9-2350-238-34-2
Numbers and Part Numbers, find the pertinent national
Direct and General Support Maintenance Manual:
stock number or part number. This index
Crane (cab) Components

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