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TM-9-2330-220-24P Semitrailer Low Bed: Wrecker 12-Ton 4-Wheel M269 (2330-395-1876) M269A1 (2330-542-2980) M270 (2330-395-1877) Manual
g. 30-Day DS / GS Maintenance Allowances,
Operation,  Organizational  Maintenance  and
Columns 7 and 8.
Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance
(1) The Repair Parts List includes asterisk
5. How to Locate Repair Parts
entries in separate columns- one for Direct
a. W h e n F e d e r a l S t o c k N u m b e r o r p a r t n u m b e r
Support (DS) and one for General Support (GS)-
is  unknown:
as appropriate to indicate the total range of repair
(1) F i r s t . U s i n g  t h e  t a b l e  o f  c o n t e n t s ,
parts authorized for use at that category or required
determine  the  functional  group  or  functional
t o be removed or disassembled during the per-
subgroup within which the repair part belongs.
f o r m a n c e of authorized maintenance operations.
This is necessary since illustrations are prepared for
They will be requisitioned initially on an "As
functional groups or functional subgroups and
required" basis. The repair parts authorized at the
l i s t i n g s are divided into the same groups.
DS / GS levels will be those authorized for the
(2) S e c o n d . Find the illustration covering the
maintenance mission at these levels. Requirement
functional group or functional subgroup to which
f o r repair parts stockage and for distribution to
the  repair  part  belongs.
supported units will be based on demand and
(3) T h i r d . I d e n t i f y t h e r e p a i r p a r t o n t h e
determined in accordance with AR 710-2.
illustration and note the illustration figure and item
(2)  Special  Tools,  Test  and  Support
number of the repair part.
Equipment. Equipment peculiar to an item are
(4) Fourth. Using the repair parts listing,
listed with quantities in the a ppropriate density
find the functional group or functional subgroup to
spread  /  allowance  columns.
which the repair  p a r t belongs and locate the
h. 1-Year Allowances Per 100 Equip-
illustration figure and item number noted on the
ments / Contingency Planning Purposes. I n d i c a t e s
t h e quantity required for distribution and con-
b. When Federal Stock Number of part number
tingency purposes. An asterisk or blank indicates
is known:
authorization  to  obtain  or  use  as  required.
(1) First. Using the Index of Federal Stock
i. Illustration. This column is divided as
Numbers and Part Numbers, find the pertinent
Federal stock number or part number. This index is
(1) Figure number. Indicates the figure
in  ascending
number of the illustration on which the item is
referenced to the illustration figure number and
item number.
(2) Item  number. Indicates  the  call  out
(2) Second. Using the repair parts listing,
n u m b e r used  t o reference  t h e i t e m  in  the
find the functional group or functional subgroup of
the repair part and illustration figure number and
4. Special  Information
item number referenced in the Index of Federal
a. Usable on codes are included in Column 3.
Stock Numbers and Part Numbers.
Uncoded items are applicable to all models in the
6. Abbreviations
particular functional sub-group. Identifications of
the usable on codes used in this publication are:
b. The basis of issue for authorized special tools,
test and support equipment is the number of end
items of equipment supported and the number of
maintenance personnel allocated to perform the
required maintenance operations.
c. Action Change Codes have been omitted due
to the extensive changes to the RPSTL data.
d. The following publications pertain to the 12-
ton, 4-wheel, low bed wrecker semitrailers, M269,
M269A1, M270 and M270A1 and their com-
L O 9-2330-220-12
T M 9-8240 / TO36A9-9-3-21

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