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Color Coding Boxes With Light Loads
TM-9-1375-213-34-P Demolition Materials Manual
Table 4-4. Troubleshooting for Blasting Machines
TM 9-1375-213-34&P
ensure interchangeability of parts being sal-
supply system, the carbon brushes
This should present little problem
are standard sizes and may be avail-
because only a few companies manufactured
able in military or civilian shops that
most of the machines, but personnel must take
repair electric motors.
the time to insure that the part being replaced
is identical to the original.
a. General. Blasting machines are received
(c) When brushes are salvaged
in two conditions-unused machines needing serv-
and  unserviceable
from one machine for use in another, make sure
iceability  confirmation,
contact surfaces are buffed before installation.
(d) When an armature is salvaged
(1) For unused machine, operate to
from one machine for use in another, make sure
loosen it mechanically and then
commutator is buffed and mica insertions
tear down only far enough to deter-
between segments are undercut. Also, always
mine if any internal corrosion is pre-
clean shaft-bearing areas and supply fresh oil
sent, and lubricate as necessary
before installation.
(a) If corrosion is present, sand,
(2) 10-cap machines.
clean with solvent, and, if corro-
sion is not near the commuta-
tor, rub with grease.
(b) Carefully check stator assem-
blies, which are mostly iron,
This procedure is applicable to all 10-
for corrosion.
cap blasting machines except blast-
ing machine M32. Because the inter-
(c) After servicing, check for serv-
nal components of the M32 10-cap
iceability through use or with
machine are totally encapsulated, no
checkout devices.
maintenance above operator level is
required or authorized. If an M32
(2) For unserviceable blasting machine,
machine is found defective, it should
test machine in accordance with par-
be disposed of in accordance with
agraph 3-5b (5), chapter 3, TM 9-
local materiel accounting procedures.
1375-213-12. If machine is inoper-
able, troubleshoot the machine per
Refer to figures 4-3 and 4-4 as a
table 4-3. If machine is operable,
guide in cleaning and servicing proce-
clean and service per b. below.
dure below.  Figure 4-3 shows an
exploded view of the older (Fidelity-
b. Cleaning, Service, and Repair of
type) 10-cap blasting machine. The
Blasting Machines.
internal configuration of the newer
model (Dixson) machine is almost
(1) General.
identical, except that some compo-
nents are slightly larger and differ-
In addition,
ently proportioned.
newer  model (Dixson) machines
have a safety circuit in place of the
Guidelines below refer to all blasting
microswitch shown.
machines except blasting machines
M32, and 34 which are not to be dis-
assembled or repaired.
(a) Materials, tools, and equip-
ment include the following:
(a) The gear sector and stud for
older (Fidelity-type) 10-cap blasting machines
1. Solvent.
is in the supply system as a repair part.
However, this part (because it is of softer metal
than the gears in the newer Dixson machines)
may not be used to repair a newer machine,
since it would not last long when used with the
harder gears of the newer machines.
Use of Diesel oil, gasoline, trichloro-
ethane, or benzene (benzol) for clean-
(b)  In  r e b u i l d i n g a  blasting
ing is prohibited.
machine by cannibalizing others, take care to

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