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EXPLANATION OF TERMS - TM-9-1300-2770130
TM-9-1300-277 Demilitarization/Disposal of Conventional Munitions Manual
EXPLANATION OF TERMS - TM-9-1300-2770132
TM 9-1300-277
A critical malfunction is one which may cause a hazard
under the circumstances described above.
Military Pyrotechnics-Ammunition manufactured specifi-
purposes of clarity, malfunctions do not include
cally for use as signals, illuminants and the like.
accidents and incidents resulting from negligence,
malpractice, or implication in such situations as
Misfire-A misfire is a failure of an explosive to detonate
vehicular accidents, fires, etc. However, malfunctions
after initiating action is taken. The failure may be due to
do include abnormal or premature function of explosive
a faulty firing mechanism or a faulty element in the
ammunition items during normal handling, maintenance,
explosive train.
storage,  transportation,  and  tactical  deployment.
Includes cookoff, hangfire, misfire, etc.
Mound-An elevation of earth having a crest at least 3
feet wide, with the earth at the natural slope on each
Mass-Detonating Explosives-High  explosives,  black
side and with such elevation that any straight line drawn
powder, certain propellants, certain pyrotechnics, and
from the top of the sidewall of a magazine or operating
other similar explosives, alone or in combination, or
building, or the top of a stack containing explosives to
loaded into various types of ammunition or containers,
any part of a magazine, operating building, or stack to
most of the entire quantity of which can be expected to
be protected will pass through the mound. The toe of
explode virtually instantaneously when a small portion is
the mound will be located as near the magazine,
subjected to fire, to severe concussion or impact, to the
operating building, or stack as practicable.
impulse of an initiating agent, or to the effect of a
considerable discharge of energy from without. Such an
Munitions-Supplies and equipment of all kinds needed
explosion normally will cause severe structural damage
by the military services for direct military purposes.
to adjacent objects. Explosion propagation may occur
immediately  to  other  items  of  ammunition  and
NEG-Net explosive quantity as expressed in kilograms.
explosives  stored  sufficiently  close  to  and  not
adequately protected from the initially exploding pile
Net Explosives Weight (NEW)-The total quantity of
with a time interval short enough so that two or more
explosives material or high explosives equivalency in
quantities must be considered as one for quantity-
each item or round to be used when applying
distance purposes.
quantitydistance criteria or other standards.
Mass Detonation-Virtually instantaneous explosion of
Nitrogen Padding (or Blanket)-To fill the void or ullage
mass of explosives when only small portion is subject to
of a closed container with nitrogen gas to prevent
fire, severe concussion or impact, impulse of initiating
oxidation of the chemical contained therein and to avoid
agent, or to effect of considerable discharge of energy
formation of a flammable mixture, or to maintain a
from without.  Such an explosion normally will cause
nitrogen atmosphere in or around an operation, piece of
severe structural damage to adjacent objects, or the
equipment, etc.
simultaneous explosion of other separated ammunition
and explosives stored sufficiently close to the initially
Noncombustible-Not combustible, nor burnable in the
exploding pile. A mass detonation, when the explosives
ordinary sense of the word.
are located on or near the surface of the ground, is
normally characterized by a crater.
Non-DoD Component-Any entity (Government, private,
or corporate which is not a part of the Department of
Measurement of Distance-Measurement of distance for
determining  the  maximum  allowable  quantity  of
explosives shall be made from the nearest outside point
Note-An operating procedure, condition, etc., which is
or wall of the room, cubicle, or building proper involved
essential to highlight.
which contains the explosives to the nearest outside
point or TM 9-1300-277 wall of the other location under
Operating Building-Any structure, except a magazine, in
which operations pertaining to manufacturing,

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