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Page Title: Figure 1-6. HSS and helicoptar interconnect diagram
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Section III. THEORY OF OPERATION - TM-9-1270-212-14-P0029
TM-9-1270-212-14-P Fire Control Subsystem Helmet Directed XM128 P/N 2277716-00 NSN 1270-00-122-9449 Manual
Helmet Sight Theory
TM 9-1270-212-14&P
Figure 1-6. HSS and helicoptar interconnect diagram
b. Reticle Power. Power to light the pilot and gunner
sheet 1). The 28-volt output is comected across gated
reticles in the helmet sights is provided by T3. The outputs
diode Q1 and zener diode CR4. The gated diode does not
of T3-1 and T3-4 provide 8 volts ac, which is attenuated to
break down unless it is triggered at the gate input, and,
5 volts ac by R5 and R6 on TB1 when the reticles are
once triggered, it trips to a near short-circuit condition and
connected. There will be no drop across R5 and R6 in a
does not automatically reset. The gated diode can only be
no-load condition. R5 provides power for the pilot reticle
reset by turning off power momentarily. Zener diode CR4
through J1-d, and R6 provides power for the gunner reticle
does not conduct unless the supply voltage exceeds 36
through J1-e. J1-d is connected to the reticle brightness
volts. If the voltage exceeds 36 volts, CR4 cortducts and the
control on the pilot armament control panel in the
voltage dropped across R1 is sufficient to triger Q1. PS1 is
helicopter. The 0- to 5-volt ac output of the brightness
not damaged if the crowbar circuit shorts the output,
control is connected to the interface control unit (IFCU) in
because it contains automatic current limiting protection.
the helicopter. The IFCU applies the ac power to pins 1 and
3 of pilot helmet sight plug A1P1, lighting the three helmet
115-volt, 400-Hz ac input power is
(3) The
sight lamps in parallel (refer to fig. l-11). J1-e is connected
distributed as listed for ECP5 on foldout FO-4 or FO-5. T1
to the brightness control on the gunner armament control
provides a pair of 10-volt and a pair of 20-volt inputs to
power supply card A12 through T1 pins 3 and 4,9 and 10,
panel, to the IFCU, and to pins 1 and 3 of gunner helmet
5 and 6, and 7 and 8. Refer to foldout FO-9. These inputs
sight plug AlP1; the gunner reticle is lighted in the same
energize four full-wave bridge rectifiers, the outputs of
manner as the pilot reticle. For specific helicopter wiring
which are connected to solid-state regulators AR1 through
information and IFCU location, refer to: TM 55-1520-
AR5. The regulators are current limited and thermally
234-23 for the AH-1S(Mod) helicopter, and TM 55-1520-
protected against overload. The remaining circuitry is used
236/239-23 for the AH-1S helicopter.
during a BIT and is discussed in paragraph 1-22c(2)(i).

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