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Page Title: Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION
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TM-9-1270-212-14-P Fire Control Subsystem Helmet Directed XM128 P/N 2277716-00 NSN 1270-00-122-9449 Manual
Figure 1-1. Helmet-direct fire control subsystem (HSS)
TM 9-1270-212-14&P
Section I. GENERAL
1-1. Scope.
This manual is for your use in operating and maintaining
used by maintenance personnel at all maintenance levels are,
Helmet-Directed Fire Control Subsystem XM128, utilized
l i s t e d and prescribed by TM 38-750, The Army
in the AII-1S (Mod) Cubra Helicopter, and HeImet-Directed
M a i n t e n a n c e Management Systems (TAMMS).
Fire Control Subsystem XM136, utilized in the configura-
1-3. Equipment Serviceability Criteria (ESC).
tion of the AH-1S Cobra Helicopter (fig. 1-1). Designator
symbols such as
(Enhanced Cobra
The equipment serviceability criteria (ESC) for the hel-
Armament System) and
(Modernized Cobra) will be
met sight subsystem are included in TM 9-1090-203 ESC.
used in conjunction with text contents, text headings, and
illustration titles to show limited effectivity of the material.
One or more designator symbols may follow a text heading
1-4. Administrative Storage.
or illustration title to indicate proper ffectivity, unless the
material applies to all series and configurations within the
Administrative storage of the HSS shall be accomplished
manual. If' the material applies to all series and configura-
in accordance with the provisions of TM 740-90-1.
tions, no designator symbols will be used. Where practi-
cal, descriptive information is condensed and combined for
all models to avoid duplication. The common nomenclature
for either Helmet-Directed Fire Control Subsystem is the
1-5. Destruction of Army Materiel to Prevent Enemy use
helmet sight subsystem, or HSS.
Refer to TM 750-244-2 for procedures to be used in
1-1.1. Introduction.
destruction of helmet sight subsystem materieI to prevent
use by the enemy.
a. This manual is divided into six chapters and three
appendixes. Chapter 1 contains general information,  1-6. Calibration.
the description and use of the equipment, identifica-
There are no caiibration instructions for the HSS.
tion plates, theory of operation, and electrical sche-
matics. Chapter 2 describes the applicable helicopter
panel controls and indicators and provides operating  1-7. Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC).
i n s t r u c t i o n s . Chapter 3 contains operator/crew and
o r g a n i z a t i o n a l maintenance instructions. Chapter 4
There are no QA/QC requirements for the HSS.
provides direct-support and general-support (DS/GS)
m a i n t e n a n c e instructions, and Chapter 5 provides
1-8. Reporting Equipment Improvement Recommenda-
DS/GS repair instructions. Chapter 6 contains instruct-
tions (EIRs).
ions for final inspection. Appendix A is a list of as-
sociated manuals and references; Appendix B contains
If your Helmet Sight Subsystem Manual needs improve-
repair parts and special tool lists; Appendix C provides
ment, let us know. Send us an EIR. You, the user, are the
the maintenance allocation chart.
only one who can tell us what you don't like about your
b. The word "he", when used in this publication, equipment. Let us know why you don't Iikc the design.
represents both the masculine and feminine genders, Tell us why it procedure is hard to perform. PUI it on an
unless otherwise specificeIly stated.
SF 368 (Quality Deficiency Report). Mail it to Com-
mander.  U.S. Army Armament Materiel Readiness Com-
1-2. Maintenance Forms and Records.
mand. ATTN: DRSAR-MAO, Rock Island, Illinois 61299.
Well send you a reply.
Maintenance forms, records. and reports which are to be

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