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Page Title: Chapter 3. SAFETY
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TM 55-1095-205-14
31. General
where it would be used immediately to dispense
mines upon being unloaded from the aircraft. The
General safety considerations and precautions for
provisions of TM 38-250 and local regulations ap-
handling and movement of the mine dispenser are
ply for transport of the dispenser with mines.
as follows:
(3) The pressurized hydraulic system of the
a. Check to insure that all loose items are ap-
mine dispenser must be relieved and vented prior
propriately secured to prevent damage during
to loading for air transport.
(4) The provisions of chapter 1, TM 38-250/
b. When backing the dispenser or maneuvering
AFM 71-4 must be complied with when the dis-
in close areas, insure that a ground guide is pro-
penser is equipped with a winterization kit con-
taining an ether starting-fluid cylinder.
c. Observe operating and handling procedures
b. Highway.
specified in TM 9-1095-205-10.
(1) Do not allow personnel on truck/trailer bed
d. Have fire extinguishers readily available dur-
during loading or unloading operations.
ing all loading and unloading operations.
(2) CONUS movement is subject to all safety
e. Provide proper ventilation during loading and
laws, rules, and regulations applicable to com-
unloading operations if internal combustion en-
mercial carriers. In oversea areas, movements are
gines are operated. Prolonged inhalation of ex-
governed by theater and local regulations.
haust fumes will produce adverse effects that
(3) Do not conduct loading or unloading op-
could prove fatal.
erations on side or lateral slopes exceeding 10 per-
f. Do not allow the mine dispenser and prime
cent or with a tractor-to-trailer offset angle greater
mover to exceed 3 miles per hour (walking speed)
than 5 degrees. Avoid loading on a severe down-
on loading ramps, rail cars, or inside aircraft.
grade to prevent the payload from rolling forward
on the carrier.
32. Specific Requirements
c. Water.
(1) The provisions of Code of Federal Regu-
Specific safety requirements for each mode of
lations, Title 46, Transportation, subpart 146, ap-
transport are as follows:
ply when shipping items equipped with internal
a. Air.
combustion engines, flammable liquid fuel, or
(1) Power plant fuel tank must not be less
ether starting-fluid cylinders.
than 1/4 or more than 3/4 full. The provisions of
(2) If ammunition or explosives are to be
paragraphs 6-27, 6-28, and 8-47 of TM 38-250/
transported with the system, compliance with AR
AFR 71-4 must be followed.
55-228 and Water Carrier Tariff No. 32, or reis-
(2) The activity offering the mine dispenser
sues thereof, is mandatory.
for air transport will insure that all ammunition
(3) Personnel must be cautioned not to walk
or explosives are removed from the system prior
under items being lifted.
to delivery for loading on the aircraft. It is antic-
(4) Each lift should have at least two tag lines
ipated that the only exception to the unloaded
attached for use in controlling swing of the lift
condition might be if the mine dispenser is to be
while suspended.
transported in support of an active combat zone

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