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Page Title: Preparing the Balnce for use
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Figure 3-7. Weighing Pan and Stirrup Bearing Plate.
TM-5-6640-213-14 Laboratory Air Mobile Aviation Fuel NSN
Figure 3-8. Tare Ring and Tare Boat.
TM 5-6640-213-14
(b) Loosen the read nuts (17, 5, 16 and 7) on both
sides of the beam until the springs underneath can be swung aside by
at least 90 degrees.  Then retighten the red nuts to prevent acciden-
tal spring movement.
(c) Remove the safety pin (3) and store it for future
(d) Remove the transport arrestment of the mechanical
taring suspension (2).  Also remove the rubber band from the weight
carriage bridle (12), which is attached to the knurled nuts (15 and
8) to hold the weight carriage bridle without movement.
(e) Open both doors and remove the two knurled head
screws in the top of the weighing chamber.  Remove the plate and
remove the two knurled nuts to which the rubber bands are attached.
Remove the weight carriage, remove the cardboard and the foam rubber
from the weight carriage and replace it.  Save the cardboard, foam
rubber and wooden blocks for future use.  Replace plate and knurled
head screws.
(f) Check knives and bearings to be sure they are
clean; even fingerprints are unacceptable since they may result in
corrosive etching.  See instructions in c. below for detailed clean-
ing procedures.
(g) Install the stirrup bearing plate on the end
knife by placing it on the arrestment pins (11 and 13, fig. 3-6) so
that the engraved marking "V" on the plate top faces toward the front
of the balance.
(h) Lift the weight carriage (10) and raise the
weight carriage bridle up and place it on the stirrup bearing plate
so that the support pins on the weight carriage bridle are set into
the notches on the top of the bearing plate.
(i) If the tare boat (2, fig. 3-8) is to be used, the
screw weights (9 and 14, fig. 3-6) must be removed from the left and
right side of the weight carriage bridle.  These weights correspond
to the weight of the tare boat and the tare ring (1, fig. 3-8)
Retighten the knurled nuts adjacent to the screw
weights and store the screw weights in the beam compartment (top) of
the balance.  Place the tare ring notch (3, fig. 3-8) on the weighing
pan bridle stirrup recess (3, fig. 3-7) and attach the weighing pan
bridle to the hook that extends down into the weighing compartment.
The open end of the hook on the weighing pan bridle crosspiece must
face toward the right of the balance when the weighing pan is in-
stalled and the two small weights on the tare ring must point down.

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