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Figure 1-2. J-SIIDS block diagram - TM-5-6350-262-14-120007
TM-5-6350-262-14-12 Transmitter Data T-1257( )/ FSS-9 (V) (
Figure 1-3. DTSI-(receiver) controls and indicators.
b. The  information  transfer  between  the
printed wiring boards (pwbs),two of which are spacer
stack mounted to a base mounting plate, and the third
transmitter and receiver is accomplished by means of a
which is connected to the first through pin and socket
monologue  (status  conditions  sent  one-way  from
connections. The mounting plate is fabricated from 1/8
transmitter to receiver) time division multiplex (TDM)
inch aluminum. The pwbs are protected by means of an
system The system utilizes a 12-bit word structure and is
aluminum cover which is secured to the base plate by
transmitted using the FSK (frequency shift keyed)
means of four 6-32 screws. Provision is made to install a
c.  Three status indications are provided at the
special coding plug into an integrated circuit (IC) socket
which allows the code pattern of the data transmitter to
output  of  the  data  receiver:  alarm/no  alarm,
the receiver to be changed.
access/secure, and power fail/no power fail.
(1)  The alarm status is set by any one of the
following conditions being true:
The identification number of the code
(a) ALARM-I (alarm instantaneous) is set at
plug in the transmitter must always
the transmitter input.
match that of the code plug in the
(b) ALAIRM-L (alarm latched) is set at the
receiver or an error condition will be
transmitter input.
(c) A ten second time period occurs without
any word being received from the transmitter (ten lost
b. Data Receiver. The data receiver is shown in
figure 1-1. The receiver consists of a cabinet, four pwbs,
(d) Five or more incorrect cipher bits are
an input/output connector, a line fault reset switch, and a
detected during a 25-second time interval.
line fault indicator. The data receiver is electrically and
(2)  The no alarm status is set whenever none
mechanically connected to either an alarm module
of the above conditions are true.
(Monitor Module, Alarm ID-1922( )/FSS-9(V) or a status
(3)  The access status is set whenever the
module (Monitor Module, Status ID-1921( )/FSS-9(V)),
ACCESS/TEST-RESET/SECURE switch in the control
which in turn is located in the monitor module.  The
unit is set to the ACCESS or TEST-RESET position.
receiver input/output connections are made to the alarm
(4)  The secure status is set whenever the
or status module by means of a single 16-pin connector
ACCESS/TEST-RESET/SECURE switch in the control
which plugs into the module.  The receiver is held in
unit is set to the SECURE position.
place (after being plugged in) by four captive screws.
(5)  The power fail status is set whenever a
The line fault indicator serves to indicate the presence of
power failure condition exists in the control unit.
an error condition and is reset by the line fault reset
d. A line fault error condition is set at the receiver
switch (refer to figure 1-3) A coding plug is provided in
(line fault indicator on) whenever one of the following
the receiver to allow the bit pattern from the transmitter
events occur:
to be correctly decoded at the receiver.
(1)  Each time power is applied to the DTS-I.
(2)  Three or more parity errors occur in
The identification number of the code
plug in the receiver must always
(3)  The input level at the transmission line
match that of the code plug in the
goes below -45 dBm for one second or longer.
transmitter or an error condition will
(4)  Five or more parity errors occur within a
be evident.
25 second time period.
1-9. Description
a. Data Transmitter.
The data transmitter is
shown in figure 1-1. The transmitter consists of three

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