Quantcast Processor Synchronizing Modification Procedure


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Page Title: Processor Synchronizing Modification Procedure
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Receive Transducer Removal Procedure
TM-5-6350-262-14-1 Processor Ultrasonic Motion Signal MX-9444( )/FSS-9(V) FSN 6350-228-2581Transceiver Ultrasonic Motion Signal Manual
Figure 7-2. Modification of signal processor circuit board.
TM 5-6350-262-14/1
NAVELEX 0967-LP-466-9012
TO 31S9-4-36-1 Chg 2
(6)  Lay the wire along the path of the
d. Transceiver PC Board Installation Procedure
dashed line in figure 7-2.
(7) Solder the remaining end of the wire to
Orient the pc board so that the
the spill of terminal TB2-5.
transistors Q1 and Q2 are adjacent to the receiver
(8) Trim the leads of a .01 microfarad 50V
transducer with the short attaching lead (3 inches
capacitor so that the capacitor will fit snugly across
long).  The RANGE control will be located mid way
terminals TB2-5 and TB2-6 (topside of pc board) on the
between the enclosure ends. Secure the pc board to the
component side of the barrier terminal strip.
plastic supports using three 4 x inch long pan head
(9) Install spade terminal lugs on the leads
sheet metal screws.
of the capacitor.
(2) Connect the transmit transducer red and
(10) Install the capacitors across terminals
blue leads (8 inches long) to their respective terminals
TB2-5 and TB2-6.
adjacent to the RANGE control.
(11) Reinstall the pc board.
(3) Connect the receive transducer red and
Disconnect  the  RED  reference
blue leads (3 inches long) to their respective terminals
transducer lead (Fig. 2-5).
adjacent to transistors Q1 and Q2.
(13) Insulate the end of the RED reference
(4) Connect the black lead from the chassis
transducer lead with electrical tape.
ground to its respective terminal (BLK) on the pc board.
b. Testing.
Connect  the  appropriate  leads
(1)  Install a synchronizing connection of
(identified by tags) to terminals on terminal board TB1.
RG58/U coaxial cable between the master processor
slave processor and between adjacent Slaves as shown
7-10A. Processor Synchronizing Modification
(2) Apply +20V d. c. across terminals TB1-7
and TB1-8 of each signal processor.  TB1-7 is high
As directed in chapter 2 multiple processors operating in
voltage and TB1-8 is ground.
a single building must be synchronized together. Slave
(3) At each slave perform the following test:
processors (para. 2-19 and FO-1A) shall be modified
Place  the  leads  of  a
and tested as follows.
Electrical parts for the
voltohmmeter (VOM) across terminals TB2-1 and TB2-
modification, a length of insulated wire, No. 22 AWG or
2. TB2-1 is signal voltage and TB2-2 is signal ground.
smaller diameter, and a .01 microfarad 50V capacitor,
The  VOM  should  indicate
are not provided and must be supplied locally.
approximately 12V RMS (root mean square).
a. Modification.
(c) Tap the pc board five or six times
(1) Remove the processor pc board.
with the handle of a screwdriver and verify that the
(2) Cut a 4 inch length of insulated wire,
signal does not waver or momentarily drop out. Waver
No. 22 AWG or smaller diameter.
or dropout indicates a loose synchronization connection
(3) Strip inch of insulation from each end
or a cold solder joint on the board modification.
of the wire.
(4) Tin the ends of the wire.
Reason: Complete the instructions for synchronization
(5) On the underside of the pc board solder
begun in chapter 2.
one end of the wire to the junction of CR1, C5, and Q2
Change 2 7-7

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