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Page Title: Recoverability Code
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SECTION I INTRODUCTION - TM-5-6120-250-34P0004
TM-5-6120-250-34P Substation Trailer Mounted 500 KVA AC 4160-416Y/240V 208Y/120V 3 Phase 50/60 Hertz Avionics Model 950-2200A Manual
Special Information - TM-5-6120-250-34P0006
TM 5-6120-250-34P
the name of the kit or set with quantity of
Capabilities or higher maintenance Cate-
each item in the kit or set indicated in front
gories are considered equal or better.
of the item name.
Maintenance codes are:
d. Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the
standard or basic quantity by which the list-
C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Crew/Operator
ed item is used in performing the actual
O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Organizational maintenance
maintenance function. This measure IS ex-
F . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Direct Support maintenance
H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . General Support maintenance
pressed by a two-character alphabetical
D . . . . . .._...*.... Depot maintenance
a b b r e v i a t i o n s , e . g . , ea, in, pr, etc., and is
basis used to indicate quantities and allow-
(3) Recoverability  Code i n d i c a t e s
ances in subsequent columns.
whether unserviceable items should be re-
turned for recovery or salvage. Items not
e Quantity Incorporated in Unit. This
coded are nonrecoverable. Recoverability
column indicates the quantity of the item
codes are:
used in the assembly group. A "V" appear-
ing in this column in lieu of a quantity in-
dicates that a definite quantity cannot be in-
Repair Parts (assemblies and components),
dicated (e.g., shims, spacers, etc.).
special tools and test equipment which are
considered economically reparable at direct
f. Thirty-Day DS/GS Maintenance Allow-
and general support maintenance levels. When
the item is no longer economically reparable,
it is normally disposed of at the GS level.
(1) Items authorized for use as requir-
When supply consideration dictate, some of the
ed but not for initial stockage are identified
repair parts may be listed for automatic return
with an asterisk in the allowance column.
to supply for depot level repair as set forth
(2) The allowance columns are divided
in AR 710-50. When so listed, they will be re-
into three subcolumns. The quantitive allow-
placed by supply on an exchange basis.
Repair Parts, Special Tools, Test Equipment and
ance of special tools for DS/GS levels of
assemblies which are economically reparable
maintenance will represent initial stockage
at DS and GS activities and which normally are
for a 30-dav period for the number of equip-
furnished by supply on an exchange basis. When
ment supported. (Not applicable).
items are determined by a GSU to be unecon-
omically reparable, they will be evacuated to a
g. One-Year Allowance Per 100 Equip-
depot for evaluation and analysis before final
ments/Contingency Planning Purposes.
(1) Items authorized for use as re-
High dollar value recoverable repair parts,
special tools and test equipment which are sub-
quired but not for initial stockage are
ject to special handling and are issued on an
identified with an asterisk in the allowance
exchange basis. Such items will be repaired
or overhauled at depot maintenance activities
(2) This column indicates the total
only. No repair may be accomplishedat lower
quantity of special tools required for dis-
Repair Parts, Tools, and Test Equipment spe-
tribution and contingency planning purposes.
cifically selected for salvage by reclamation
h. Depot Maintenance Allowance Per 100
units because of precious metal content, criti-
cal materials, high dollar value or reusable
casings or castings.
(1) Items authorized for use as requir-
ed but not for initial stockage are identified
b. Federal Stock Number. Indicates the
with an asterisk in the allowance column.
Federal stock number assigned to the item
(2) This column indicates the total
and will be used for requisitioning purposes.
quantity of special tools authorized for de-
c. Description.  I n d i c a t e s t h e F e d e r a l
pot maintenance of 100 equipments. (Not
item name and a minimum description re-
quired to identify the item. The last line
indicates the reference number followed by
i. Illustration. This column is divided as
the applicable Federal supply code for
manufacturer (FSCM) in parentheses. The
(1) Figure number. Indicates the figure
FSCM is used as an element in item identi-
number of the illustration on which the item
fication to designate manufacturer or dis-
is shown.
tributor or Government agency, etc., and
(2) Item number. Indicates the callout
is identified in SB 708-42. Items that are
number used to reference the item in the
included in kits and sets are listed below

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