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Page Title: Spring Replacement
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Figure 7-3. Wheel suspension assembly.
TM-5-6120-250-34 Substation Trailer Mounted 500 KVA AC 4160-416Y/240V 208Y/120V 3 Phase 50/60 Hertz Avionics Model 950-2200A Manual
Figure 7-4. Landing gear outer and inner leg disassembly
7-9. Spring Replacement
(8) Using the jack placed under axle in step 141,
a. Spring Removal
lower the end of the axle so that it will not be in the way.
(1) Raise and support trailer so that the wheels on the
aide where the spring is being replaced will be high
When lowering the axle the spring is loose and
enough for that axle to be dropped giving enough
will come down with it. Care must be taken so
clearance to remove spring.
that it will not drop or slide causing bodily injury
or damage to axle and brake chamber, adjuster
and cam shafts of either axle assembly.
(9) When the end of the spring is down and free from
If the whole trailer is not supported, the who elf
the equalizer hanger (19), slide spring (15 ) away from,
on the opposite side must be blocked at, trailer
and out of end hanker(20 or 21).
cannot move.
(2) Remove wheels on the axle that is sup ported by
the spring to be replaced. See TM 5-6120-250-12
(3) Remove the 1 inch hex head bolts (4, fig.7-3)
The end of the springs are not the same. The end
that goes in the middle equalizer hanger has - sharp
washer (5) and lock nut (6) that fasten the torque arms (7
bend down in bottom leaf.
or 8) to the spring seat (9) of the axle (14).
(10) Remove spring (15)
(4) Place a jack underneath the axle to give it
b. Spring Installation (fig. 7-3).
(1)  Install new spring in reverse order of Spring
(5) At the bottom and both ends of the equalizer
Removal a. Care must be taken to put the correct end of
hanker (19) is a 5- inch hex head bolt (16) nut (17) and
spring in the middle equalizer hanger (see step (9) of
sleeve spacer (18). Loosen and remove those that are on
spring removal) and place hole of U bolt top plate (13)
the end where the spring is being removed.
over spring center bolt (22).
(6) Loosen and remove the two 7/ 8 hex lock nuts (10
(2)  When spring and axle are reassembled the
) and washers (11) from the two "U" bolts (12) of the
measurements in Axle Installation paragraph 7-8b (5) and
spring being replaced.
(6) must be checked for correct axle alignment.
(7) Remove the "U" bolt (12) and "U" bolt top plate
7-11.  Disassembly of Upper (Outside) and Lower
7-10 General
The landing gear is operated by a hand crank. The crank
can be positioned for one of two speeds by pushing or
a. Remove leg as described in TM 5-6120-120-12.
pulling handle in or out. Rotation of the hand crank and
b. To remove wheels on bottom inner leg.
crankshaft, rotates a jackscrew in each upper leg by the
(1) Loosen nut ( 1,fig.7-4) washer(2) and cap screw
means of gears.  As the jackscrew rotates it raises or
(3) and remove.
lowers the inner mount that telescopes into the upper
(2) Remove axle collar (4).
fixed part outside mount. The lower inner section of each
(3) Remove wheels (5) and axle (6) from axle
has dual steel wheels mounted on the bottom. Each leg
is identical except the right hand leg contains the gear
c.  To separate upper and lower legs.
housing and hand crank assembly. The hand crank can
(1) Retract inner leg (7) up into upper leg. This is
be pulled out (disengaged) so that it may swing
done by rotating crank handle on right leg. On left leg
underneath trailer, then placed in a hook retainer when
rotate crankshaft (fig.7-5).
not in use or in transit. The landing gear is removed from
(2) When inner leg (7) is fully retracted up, the
the trailer in three subassemblies. See TM 5-6120-250-
groove pin(8) may be seen in the bosom of the jackscrew
12 if it is necessary to replace any of the landing gear
(9) by looking in axle housing.
The following paragraphs give disassembly
(3) Remove groove pin (8) from jackscrew (9),
procedures. These procedures may be halted on any step
Groove pin is 3/ 8 diameter by 2 inches long.
(4) Rotate jackscrew so that inner leg (7) goes
out of upper leg. With groove pin (8) removed the inner
legs elevating nut (10) will disengage from jackscrew.
This separates upper and lower legs.

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