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Page Title: Reassembly After Air Shipment
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1. Air service and emergency hose hand disconnect
2. Hex head bolt 3 / 4-16 NF x 2 1/ 2 long
3. Locknut
4. Wheel and suspension assembly
5. Trailer bed
same side of bar. See figure 2-21 rear view. Make sure
2-23. Reassembly After Air Shipment
clevis pin is locked or retained by the cotter pin.
a. The trailer body must be supported so that the
(4)  Take the bridle sling (7) from storage
landing gear assembly, rear wheel and suspension
cabinet. The bridle sling has four cables (legs) fastened
assembly and the rear bumper assembly can be
to one lifting ring. Each leg has a clevis assembly on
the free end. Inspect and check each leg for kinks or
sharp bends.
b. lnstall the rear wheel and suspension assembly
in the reverse order of preceding paragraph 2-22 d.
(5)  Attach the clevis end of each leg of the
Torque frame mounting bolt 1/1-16 and nuts to 120- 15I
bridle sling to the opposite side of the 10 foot cables on
the spreader bars. Make sure clevis pin is locked or
retained by cotter pin. The hoisting sling should now be
c. Install rear bumper assembly in the reverse order
assembled so that when the bridle lifting ring is raised
of preceding paragraph 2-22 c.
the four legs will lift the two spreader bars from the
same side with the four 10 foot cables suspended with
d. Install landing gear assembly in the reverse order
their lifting hooks on free end.
of preceding paragraph 2-22 b.
(6) Attach the hooks to the trailer using the first
Never attempt to lift or hoist trailer by
and third rings on each side designated as lifting. The
cables without using the spreader bars
slings must be attached so that the spreader bars go
provided and stowed on each trailer.
across the width of the trailer and the hooks are in the
Serious damage to equipment and injury
rings so that the cable is on the inside with the hook
to personnel may result.
point outside.
2-24. Preparation for Hoisting Trailer
(7) The trailer may now be raised with the bridle
lifting ring.
a.  To hoist (lift) trailer for rail, shipboard, etc.,
loading use the slings and spreader bars provided. (fig.
(8) The lifting crane must be able to lift 30,000
2-2 1.)
b.  To assemble lifting slings use the following
c. Disassembly hoisting slings and spreader bars in
reverse order of preceding b. above. Before stowing
(1) Loosen and remove the two 5/8 x 4 in. long
lifting slings. clean all foreign matter and dirt front all
hex. hd. bolts and spacers securing each spreader bar
cables, check clevis assemblies for pin and cotter pin,
to trailer deck.  Put each bolt and spacer in storage
smooth out kinks and sharp bends. Then stow cables
cabinet for safekeeping.
and bridle slings in storage cabinet. Secure spreader
bars on each end to trailer deck with the 5/8 x 4 in. long
(2) Take the four 10 foot long lifting cables (1,
hex. hd bolts and spacers.
fig. 2-21) from storage cabinet. Each cable has a clevis
12) (with pin /3) and cotter pin (4)) on one end and a
lifting hook 15) on the other end. Make sure, there are
no kinks or sharp bends in cable.
(3) Attach two 10 foot cables by the clevis to
each spreader bar (61 on opposite ends but on the

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