Quantcast Qualifications Required for Operators and Evaluators.


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Page Title: Qualifications Required for Operators and Evaluators.
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Other Laboratories Requiring Recertification.
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JOAP Training.
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
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T.O. 33-1-37-1
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Qualifications Required for Operators and Evaluators.
a. Qualifications Required for Operators and Evaluators for each branch of service are as follows:
Air Force.
(a)  Complete either Block 9 of the Air Force Nondestructive Inspection Course (J3ABP2A732-
000) training school, or complete the DOD Operator/Evaluator Training Course (J3AZP2A752-000), and
Perform 30 days on-the-job training in a JOAP certified laboratory, and
Achieve five (5) additional months of operator/evaluator experience.
(2)  Navy: Complete the DOD Operator/Evaluator Training Course that includes both spectrometric
and physical property analysis (J3AZP2A752-003) resulting in the award of NEC 6403 for active duty personnel
and appropriate certificate of completion for civilian personnel.
Army: Meet all of the requirements of Volume II, Appendix, N.
b. In the case of some operators and evaluators, it may not be possible or appropriate to satisfy all of the
above requirements. The responsible Service Program Manager may waive these requirements on an individual
c.  The qualified operator and evaluator must be assigned to the laboratory to qualify the laboratory for
JOAP certification and must be present for duty in the laboratory during all hours of laboratory operation. A
supervisor, present on an intermittent basis, does not satisfy the operator/evaluator requirements.
JOAP Correlation Program.
a. Purpose. To ensure uniform and continuous high quality oil analysis results throughout the Joint Oil
Analysis Program. The Correlation Program quickly identifies laboratories experiencing instrument and/or
operator problems and provides managers and laboratory personnel a means to compare their performance with
other laboratories having the same type of spectrometer.
b. Policy. AII DOD oil analysis laboratories, (organic or under contract to a DOD agency or US military
service for the purpose of analyzing samples from US government equipment or supplies) will participate in the
JOAP Correlation Program. The applicable Program Manager may grant a participation waiver for extenuating
circumstances. The JOAP Correlation Program is also extended to the following categories of laboratories:
Privately owned laboratories with oil analysis contracts with elements of the DOD.
(a)  If the contract does not specify that the DOD will provide participation free of charge in the
JOAP Correlation Program, the privately owned laboratory must pay an annual fee to participate in the program.
(b)  Contact the JOAP-TSC for current fees and processing instructions. Cash or negotiable
instruments cannot be accepted by the JOAP-TSC. Payment must be made through the local contracting office or
the major command approving the contract. See Section 1, paragraph 1-5.b. for the JOAP-TSC address and
telephone information.
Federal Government owned laboratories other than DOD laboratories.
(3)  Laboratories of an allied nation providing support to the military forces of that nation or to US
military forces.

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