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Page Title: Other Laboratories Requiring Recertification.
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Laboratories with Equipment in Reported Maintenance "RM" Status.
TM-38-301-1 Introduction Theory Benfits Customer Sampling Procedures Programs and Reports Manual
Qualifications Required for Operators and Evaluators.
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
TM 38-301-1
T.O. 33-1-37-1
CGTO 33-1-37-1
If the spectrometer is deployed during an exercise and transported from the regular lab
location, but will not be used for actual oil analysis support, the special test procedure
is not required.
b. After the spectrometer has returned from the deployment, laboratory personnel must ensure that the
spectrometer is again fully operational. If the spectrometer will be immediately re-deployed, or immediately used
to support local oil analysis requirements, another kit must be successfully analyzed. However, if time permits
prior to re-deployment or use within the laboratory, standardization, standardization checks, and participation in
the JOAP Correlation Program will ensure that the spectrometer is fully operational.
c.  Deployment kits are supplied to all laboratories by the JOAP-TSC upon request for projected
deployments. Each kit includes complete instructions, two synthetic oil correlation samples, results forms
including pass/fail criteria, an envelope for mailing, and message format examples. A package of three kits will
be mailed for each request. Send requests to: corr@joaptsc.navy.mil.
d. Two tests are required. Test 1 is the analysis of two JOAP Correlation Program synthetic oil samples.
Each sample is analyzed three times and averaged. The average value obtained for each of the required fifteen
elements is compared to upper and lower limit values that are supplied with the kit. Test 2 involves ten analysis of
D12-100 and D3-100 JOAP Calibration Standards that are not supplied with the kit, but are required for
standardization of the instrument and must accompany the spectrometer when it is deployed/re-deployed. The
test monitor must be an officer, senior NCO, or senior civilian manager with overall responsibility for laboratory
management. The monitor must attest that the spectrometer passes or fails the overall testing based on criteria
supplied with each kit. An overall average of 80 percent is required.
e. Test results must be reported by message, e-mail, or mail to the JOAP-TSC, applicable command, and
the Service Program Office. No approval from any outside agency is required if the results meet the criteria that is
supplied with each kit. The spectrometer is approved for deployed site use immediately after the successful
completion of the kit. Regular monthly JOAP Correlation samples must still be processed at the deployed
location. If the correlation samples must be mailed to the deployed location, contact the JOAP-TSC with new
address information. If the deployed spectrometer fails the overall test requirements, contact the applicable
Service Program Management office for further instructions.
Other Laboratories Requiring Recertification.
a. For laboratories requiring recertification, the officer-in-charge/senior civilian manager must verify in
writing, using a JOAP-TSC supplied checklist shown in figure 4-1, that the laboratory meets all operating
requirements listed below. The JOAP-TSC or the appropriate Service Program Manager depending upon the
nature and severity of the operating deficiency may grant an operating waiver for certain operating requirements.
b. Operating requirements are as follows:
Space requirement (as determined by Program Manager).
Environmental control of equipment spaces.
Staffing adequate for projected workload (as determined by Program Manager).
Necessary operating supplies available.
Required instrument and support equipment available.
Full time qualified operator/evaluator assigned and present (Army evaluators must be certified,
see Volume II, Appendix N).

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