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Page Title: Preparation for Delivery.
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An example of a transit aircraft oil analysis record (Side 2 of DD Form 2026), is provided
TM-38-301-1 Introduction Theory Benfits Customer Sampling Procedures Programs and Reports Manual
Figure 3-9. Oil Analysis Request, DD Form 2026 - Maintenance Feedback Special Sample Following Unscheduled Maintenance Not Associated with the OAP
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
TM 38-301-1
T.O. 33-1-37-1
CGTO 33-1-37-1
Enter date aircraft departs on transit mission.
Supporting laboratory (while unit is in transit status) will complete the remainder of
the transit record.
When the customer returns to home base, records of analysis done at intermediate
locations must be delivered to the regular supporting laboratory. If the customer departs prior to receipt of the
completed transit record, the intermediate laboratory will forward the completed transit record to the regular
supporting laboratory.
3-7. Preparation for Delivery.
a. Attach the completed DD Form 2026 to the sample bottle or wrap the completed form around the
sample bottle and insert both into the mailing envelope.
If the sample is a special sample, it must be prominently marked in red (such as red
borders), both on the form and on the outside of the mailing container to alert the
laboratory to the need for immediate processing.
b. Forward the sample package to the supporting laboratory by established channels using the most
expeditious means. Criticality of the sample should govern the delivery method, i.e., mail, hand delivery, etc. It
should be noted that 4-ounce samples require additional packaging either individually or in groups to be
forwarded by mail.
3-8. Sampling Supplies.
a. Kit, Spectrometric Oil Analysis (NSN 6695-01-045-9820). This is a general purpose sampling kit
required by operating activities taking and submitting samples for spectrometric testing. This spectrometric oil
analysis kit should only be used on equipment that requires the siphoning method for obtaining an oil sample.
See paragraph 3-8.d. for individual supplies for equipment that requires the drain method of sampling. This kit
consists of a 30-inch long 5/16-inch OD plastic tube, a 5-dram glass bottle with plastic screw cap, a shipping bag
and one DD Form 2026 (Oil Analysis Request). Nomenclature is Sampling Kit, Spectrometric. Unit of issue: box,
containing 144 kits.
b. Kit, Spectrometric and Physical Test (NSN 4920-01-003-0804). This sampling kit is required by Navy
operating activities taking and submitting samples for physical tests only or spectrometric tests combined with
physical tests. Each kit contains a 4-ounce polyethylene bottle, a shipping bag, a plastic bag, a NOAP sample
label and a DD Form 2026. Nomenclature is Sampling Kit, Oil. Unit of issue: each, material for 72 kits.
c.  Kit, Mailer (NSN 8125-01-193-3440). For AOAP use, this kit is required by operating activities taking
and submitting samples for physical tests only or spectrometric and physical tests. Each kit contains 24 each of
3-ounce plastic bottles, plastic bags and shipping sacks.
d. Individual Supplies.
(1)  Bottle, Spectrometric (NSN 8125-01-378-9518). This bottle with cap can be individually ordered
for equipment that uses the drain sampling method. This bottle and cap are the same as contained in the
Spectrometric Oil Analysis Kit in paragraph 3-8.a. above. This sample bottle is a 5-dram (5/8 ounce) clear, glass
bottle. Nomenclature is Bottle, Screw Cap. Unit of issue: gross (144 each). Use of a smaller bottle is authorized if
cleanliness standards set for approved JOAP bottles are met and the bottle size permits at least two sample
(2)  Bottle, Spectrometric and Physical Test (NSN 8125-01-082-9697). For AOAP use, this sample
bottle is a 3-ounce plastic bottle. Nomenclature is Bottle, Oil Sample. Unit of issue: box (120 each).
(3)  Shipping Bag Spectrometric (NSN 8105-00-498-6619). This bag measures 4 inches x 8 inches.
Nomenclature is Shipping Bag, Spectrometric. Unit of issue: bundle (500 each).

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