Quantcast An example of a transit aircraft oil analysis record (Side 2 of DD Form 2026), is provided


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Page Title: An example of a transit aircraft oil analysis record (Side 2 of DD Form 2026), is provided
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Figure 3-8. Oil Analysis Request, DD Form 2026 - Operating Activity Information Feedback for Engine Removal (Date Engine Removal is Entered in Date Sample Taken Block)
TM-38-301-1 Introduction Theory Benfits Customer Sampling Procedures Programs and Reports Manual
Preparation for Delivery.
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
TM 38-301-1
T.O. 33-1-37-1
CGTO 33-1-37-1
Phone: The individual who took the sample will enter his/her phone number.
Signature: The individual who took the sample will enter his/her signature.
(2)  Examples of reporting feedback to JOAP laboratory of air/ground crew recommended
maintenance and customer (repair activity) maintenance feedback to monitoring laboratory are provided by
figures 3-9 and 3-10. Instructions for DD Form 2026 completion are as follows:
Complete items (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (I), and (r) as described for routine analysis/
minor engine maintenance in paragraph 3-6.b.(1). (Item (g) is the date maintenance feedback is submitted).
Action Taken. Enter corrective maintenance accomplished to remedy a known or
suspected discrepancy, e.g., equipment check-no repair required, removed and replaced, etc.
Discrepant Item. Enter nomenclature of major component and subassembly, which has
malfunctioned, e.g., engine No. 2 bearing, gearbox accessory drive bearing, etc., or system which is examined for
discrepancy, e.g., basic engine, CSD, gearbox, etc. Only one major discrepancy will be reported per failure, e.g.,
an engine which has several discrepancies such as No. 1 bearing failure, No. 2 bearing scored, and loose tab
washer, will be reported as engine No. 1 bearing failure, which in this case is the most severe discrepancy, No. 2
bearing scored and loose tab washer may be reported as additional discrepancies in Remarks block. When
reporting discrepant items use only the proper nomenclature for the item as listed in the illustrated parts
breakdown manual (IPB) for the equipment.
How Malfunctioned. Enter description of defect related to item identified in Discrepant
Item block, e.g., worn beyond limits, no defects, defects unknown, etc. The suspected cause of the discrepancy
may be reflected in Remarks block.
How Found. Enter an -X- in the appropriate block indicating how the necessity for
maintenance action was determined. If other, specify.
An example of a transit aircraft oil analysis record (Side 2 of DD Form 2026), is provided by figure
When equipment is scheduled for a mission away from the home installation/base, and
oil samples will be due during the mission, the customer is responsible for coordinating oil analysis support at the
mission site or at intermediate site(s) if applicable (refer to Appendix B for a complete listing of laboratories). The
laboratory that usually supports the equipment will provide historical analytical data upon request. It is the
customers' responsibility to provide the laboratory that supports the equipment at the mission or intermediate
sites(s) with the historical data so they have a record of previous oil analysis results for the equipment prior to the
samples they receive. Complete side one of the DD Form 2026 as described in paragraphs 3-6. b. (1) (a) through
(r), adding the word "transit" after the name of the home base if the sample is to be processed at any lab other
than the home base laboratory. Aircraft on rotational assignment will reflect the name of rotational base and will
not be considered transient. Instructions for completion of side 2 are as follows:
Enter complete message and mailing address of assigned support OAP laboratory.
Enter laboratory telephone number.
Enter end item model and serial number.
Enter equipment model and serial number.
Enter the OAP results for the last 10 flying/operational hours in the designated
columns. Ensure that at least the last three sample results are included. A DD2027
or a laboratory printout of the OAP results may also be used and attached to the
Enter any pertinent remarks.

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