Quantcast Examples of routine and transit analysis, minor <a href="http://enginemechanics.tpub.com/14075/css/Chapter-3-Engine-Maintenance-77.htm">engine maintenance</a>, and engine removal, side 1 of DD Form 2026


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Page Title: Examples of routine and transit analysis, minor engine maintenance, and engine removal, side 1 of DD Form 2026
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DD Form 2026, Oil Analysis Request and DA Form 5991-E, Oil Analysis Request, Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS) (DD Form 5991-E is an automated form applicable to US Army Units only).
TM-38-301-1 Introduction Theory Benfits Customer Sampling Procedures Programs and Reports Manual
Reason for Sample
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
TM 38-301-1
T.O. 33-1-37-1
CGTO 33-1-37-1
(3)  Reporting the initial entry (or reentry) of equipment into the oil analysis program with a sample or
the removal of equipment from the oil analysis program, with or without a sample.
(4)  Reporting removal/replacement of an engine, gearbox or other oil analysis monitored accessory
for reasons other than a laboratory recommendation.
(5)  Reporting all maintenance actions, such as change of oil or an oil system component, which can
affect the presence or level of wearmetals in the oil system.
(6)  Reporting incidents, such as overspeed, overtemp, compressor stall, or abnormal oil pressure
indications, that could adversely affect oil wetted parts subject to wear.
b. Filling out DD Form 2026. Proper completion of the Oil Analysis Request by the submitting activity is a
vital step in the evaluation process upon which maintenance actions are based. When forms are incomplete or
erroneously completed, all other efforts to produce a valid evaluation are degraded or impossible. Examples of
DD Form 2026 usage are provided by figures 3-6 through 3-11. Customers shall use only plain language, unless
otherwise directed. If extra space is required, attach additional sheets.
(1)  Examples of routine and transit analysis, minor engine maintenance, and engine removal, side 1
of DD Form 2026, are provided by figures 3-6, 3-7, and 3-8. Instructions for DD Form 2026 completion are as
TO: Oil Analysis Laboratory. Enter the designated OAP laboratory, which will perform the
sample analysis, e.g., Ft. Campbell, KY; Columbus AFB, MS; NADEP Jacksonville, FL; etc.
1.  Major Command. Enter possessing Major Command, foreign government or
contractors, e.g., TAC, FORSCOM, COMNAVSURFLANT, RAF UK, and General Dynamics.
2.  Operating Activity. Enter the designation of the operating activity submitting the
sample, e.g., 432BW, 337 Med Co A., VA 165. Air Force enter name of base; Army and Navy enter unit
identification code.
(c)  Equipment Model/Application. Enter type, model and series of engine being sampled, e.g.,
J57-21, J85-5, GTCP85-106, AVDS 1790, LM-2500. Accessory equipment being sampled will be identified by
nomenclature such as CSD, main gearbox, fwd trans, hyd sys #1, etc.
Equipment Serial No. Enter complete serial number of equipment being sampled.
(e)  End Item Model/Hull No. Enter mission, design and series (type, model, series) of end item
which contains system being sampled, e.g., F100D, M32A-60, A4A, M-60, DD 963, etc.
End Item Ser No/EIC. Enter the complete end item serial number (bureau number).
(g)  Date Sample Taken (Day, Mo, Yr). Enter the date in numeric - day, month and year on
which the sample was taken, e.g., 03/12/04 for 3 Dec 2004.
(h)  Local Time Sample Taken. Enter local time sample was taken using 24-hour clock, e.g.,
0700, 1600, 2200, etc.
(i)  Hours/Miles Since Overhaul. Enter the total hours/miles since overhaul of system being
sampled to the nearest whole hour/mile (round up if 0.5 or above). If the equipment has never been overhauled,
the total operating hours/miles since new are used. Air Force personnel will normally enter total flying hours.
However, on equipment such as the F-100 and F-110 series engine, engine operating hours will be entered
except when accuracy and availability of the engine operating hours are not practical.

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