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Page Title: DD Form 2026, Oil Analysis Request and DA Form 5991-E, Oil Analysis Request, Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS) (DD Form 5991...
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Figure 3-5. Locally Manufactured Drain Sample Kit
TM-38-301-1 Introduction Theory Benfits Customer Sampling Procedures Programs and Reports Manual
Examples of routine and transit analysis, minor engine maintenance, and engine removal, side 1 of DD Form 2026
NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
TM 38-301-1
T.O. 33-1-37-1
CGTO 33-1-37-1
c.  Special Precautions. The following precautions are provided to assist activities in ensuring reliable
equipment fluid samples:
(1)  Store unused sampling kits or materials in clean, closed containers, such as the packaging boxes
in which received.
(2)  Use the correct length of sampling tube for the particular equipment involved so that the tube
cannot reach the bottom of the tank and pick up sludge contamination. In cases where the tubing must be cut to
the proper length, the tubing should be cleanly cut at a 45-degree angle, exercising care not to leave rough edges
that could introduce bits of plastic tubing into the system being sampled.
(3)  Avoid contact of the sampling tube with the outside of equipment being sampled and all other
surfaces which might contaminate it. Use a sampling tube to take one sample only and discard the tube after
taking the sample.
(4)  Open the sample bottle only when ready to take the sample and replace the bottle cap
immediately after taking the sample.
(5)  In cases where samples can be taken only by draining from a valve or the bottom of the tank,
sump, or case, open the drain valve/outlet and allow enough fluid to flow through to wash out any accumulated
sediment before filling the bottle. If it has been determined that a particular system does not normally have
sediment at the point where the sample is drained, it is not necessary to perform the sediment removal
Use lint-free-wiping cloths to avoid introducing lint into the system.
If sampling materials are accidentally dropped into the system, do not operate the
equipment until corrective action has been completed.
Exercise caution to avoid dropping sample bottle caps or other material into the system during
Do not use mouth suction to fill the sampling tube. Many fluids are highly toxic
and may cause paralysis and/or death.
(8)  Exercise care during the sampling process to avoid burns from hot fluid. Do not leave plastic
tubing in hot fluid for extended periods since the tubing may melt and contaminate the system.
(9)  To reduce the possibility of sample misidentification, all sample bottles/bottle containers should
be marked with equipment/system identification as soon as possible after drawing the sample.
3-6. DD Form 2026, Oil Analysis Request and DA Form 5991-E, Oil Analysis Request, Unit Level Logistics
System (ULLS) (DD Form 5991-E is an automated form applicable to US Army Units only).
a. The Oil Analysis Request Form, DD Form 2026, is used for:
Submission of routine or special oil samples.
(2)  Reporting corrective maintenance actions, including engine/component removal, taken as a
result of a laboratory recommendation.

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