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Page Title: General instructions. (Cont)
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General instructions.
TM-38-260 Preparation and Handling of Industrial Plant Equipment for Storage or Shipment Manual
General instructions. (Cont) - TM-38-2600046
TM 38-260
Additional information on packing lists and markings
may be found in MIL-STD-129.
(9)  Instruments such as metallic gages and measuring devices shall be cleaned with particular attention
given to the removal of fingerprints and rust. Clean and dry these items in accordance with chapter 2. All cleaned items
shall be preserved with preservative P-10, grade 30, of table 2-1 immediately after drying. All preserved items shall be
wrapped in barrier material conforming to MIL-B-121, grade A.  Wrapped items shall be cushioned and packed in
accordance with MIL-P-116. Packing lists and markings for packed/boxed items shall conform to MIL-STD-129, as per
(10) Items of special test equipment are usually unique items and each must be considered for cleaning,
preservation, and preparation for shipment on an individual basis.
(11) Delicate electrical and electronic equipment such as control panels, X-ray machines, electrolimit
gages, comparators, numerical control (NC) units, computer numerical control and memory units are placed in a
separate category with respect to cleaning, preservation, and packing. The complexity of their design and circuitry,
necessitates their being processed as assembled units, using only cleaning processes that will not destroy delicate
systems materials. Solvent flushing shall not be used in cleaning of electrical circuits. Low pressure moisture-free
compressed air, vacuum cleaner or a lint-free cloth may be used for cleaning. No further cleaning is required.
(a)  It is important that cushioning, blocking, and bracing be accomplished in preparing delicate
electrical and electronic equipment for shipment. Vibration, which can cause extensive damage to internal and external
components, shall be held to a minimum. Cushioning, blocking, and bracing shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1186
and MIL-E-17555. Cushioning materials listed in MIL-E-17555 shall be used to immobilize all fragile and delicate parts.
Heavy components shall be adequately blocked and braced or removed.  Many heavy components do not have
adequate internal support to ensure safe delivery. Therefore, consideration shall be given to possible removal of heavy
items, such as transformers and motors, which might break loose and cause damage. When components are removed
from the equipment, disconnections shall be marked and identified to assure correct reinstallation. All screws and bolts
used to secure such items as circuits boards, panels, and shelves, shall be tightened to prevent movement of the
components during transportation and handling.
(b)  Packing and marking of parts which have been removed shall be in accordance with MIL-E-17555
and MIL-STD-129. Electrical and Electronic equipment need not be skidded unless the weight and size are such that
skidding is essential for handling. Cabinet doors shall be locked and secured with banding conforming to ATSM D3953
or CID A-A-880. Adequate cushioning shall be used to prevent the banding from scratching or otherwise damaging the
cabinet. Keys for the cabinet door shall be packed using submethod C-1 and taped to the equipment adjacent to the

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